It's Valentine’s Day and depending on your relationship status, you're unsure what to do. Some people hate the holiday, but you should embrace it this year. Relationships are so complicated these days, but food doesn't have to be. Whether you are in a committed relationship or single, you cannot escape the Valentine’s Day hype.


Old Married Couple—Golden Corral

You and your S.O. are so comfortable together that neither one of you are ashamed of going back for seconds, or thirds, or fourths. Golden Corral can be seen as a competition of who can eat more or a bonding experience of a shared level of fullness.

Taken and It's New—World of Beer

wine, brandy, rum, cognac, liquor, whisky, alcohol
Meg Browder

WOB is fun and full of drink and food options that allow you to get to know what your new boo-thang likes. Plus, you can stay for a long time and try all the beers you can handle. 

Long Distance—Christopher's

mushroom, steak, sauce
Paige Crocker

When your love is visiting for Valentine's Day, you two make the most of the special occasion by the finest dining in Bryan/College Station. The setting is intimate and definitely sets the mood.

#SpoonTip: Get the steak. Go big or go home.

It's Complicated

"Dating" But Not Exclusive—Whataburger Drive-Thru

coffee, wine, tea, beer
Kaylee McIntosh

This is for those people who say that they are dating, but neither party has declared their allegiance to commitment. This could be a relationship to one person and a hookup buddy to another. Things are unclear, but you know you want more. Whataburger drive-thru is perfect, because it is not a public affair, but the two of you know what is good.

#SpoonTip: Take/make your Whataburger rewards card. Get them points.

Dating, But Needs to Break-Up—Chuy's

ale, beer
Meg Browder

If you are questioning breaking up with your S.O., let me just tell you, you need to talk things over with them. No matter who’s fault you think it is, fighting requires energy and what is a better source of energy than margaritas and queso?

#SpoonTip: Go during happy hour so at least the two of you can score free queso.

Northgate Make Out Partner—Antonio's

cheese, beer, pizza
Katy Hickl

Both your makeout sesh and pizza are hot, fresh, and messy—and maybe, just maybe, beautiful, too. Let’s be honest you probably don’t look sexy engaging with either, but one thing is for sure—you enjoyed it while it lasted.

Rekindling Fire with Old Flame—Gumby's

Most likely the run to Gumby’s is after a few drinks, and you have severe drunchies. In this case, the only thing different between Gumby’s and your ex is you probably won’t regret Gumby’s.


Boot Chaser—Duncan Dining Hall

You love traditions and are probably a fourth or fifth generation Ag. Bottom line is you want something solid, and the rest is just secondary. You value stability—and end up spending a lot of your meals at Duncan.

Flirting With Your Study Buddy—Chick-fil-A

Admit it, you are crushing on your study buddy. Every time they mention studying, you're secretly fantasizing about telling people at your wedding how you two met in class. Anyway, back to reality—Chick-fil-A is perfect for you two, because although it's technically fast food, you can stay for a while and chat (and keep refilling your tea).

Friends with Benefits—Buffalo Wild Wings

You know what this is, and you aren't scared to just be yourself around your FWB. You two feel absolutely comfortable enough to stuff your face and lick sauce off your fingers, all while forgetting your face is covered with buffalo sauce. And if you like things hot, you reach the ultimate comfort level of clearing your sinuses as you question ordering more wings.


Single AF—1541 Pastries & Coffee

Katy Hickl

Delicious pastries, amazing coffee, and great service make this the best place to have some me time on Valentine's Day. The baristas here specifically spend a lot of time making your order, paying attention to the little details, and even adding some gorgeous latte art. And, better still, you can order online and have it delivered to you so that you don't even have to get out of your pjs.

Just Broke Up—Mad Taco

First things first, things are going to be okay. Whether it was you doing the breaking up or the other way around, tacos will help you get over it. Mad Taco is perfect because the atmosphere is lit, the food is amazing, and the drinks are better than the relationship you were in. 

Galentine's Outing—Downtown Uncorked

You and your squad aren't even going to pretend like you care about food while celebrating the day together. Be sure to go somewhere who cares about wine as much as y'all do. While Uncorked's cheese plates and desserts are amaze, their wine selection is even better. And movie night after?

My Pet is BAE—Blackwater Draw

Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend when you have a pet? Dogs (or cats) are always excited to see you, they don’t complain, and they love you unconditionally. Load up your pup, go sit on the patio and enjoy some freakin’ good food. 

Stop hating on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is just one day out of the year—go out and celebrate love with food. Make sure to hit up the grocery store on February 15th because all that candy is on sale.