For the rest of this month (AKA National Breast Cancer Awareness Month), Vale Food Co. will be donating 10% of the proceeds earned from their new dragonfruit bowl and pitaya smoothie to breast cancer awareness and education, at all their locations. 

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With the launch of Vale Food Co.'s new dragonfruit bowl and pitaya smoothie coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, restaurant owner Sunny Ilyas decided now was the perfect time to get more involved in philanthropic community outreach efforts. "We feel this effort is a great way to work with a cause that so many people have been affected by. Now is the perfect time to work with the community while launching a product that people will really like," Ilyas says. So, Vale decided to partner with the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha, whose philanthropic efforts contribute to the American Cancer Society, Bright Pink, and the NFL—all organizations who focus their efforts on breast cancer awareness and education.

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Ilyas told me about Vale's focus on sustainability, whether it be sourcing their food locally or only using biodegradable containers. He explained how to him, part of running a sustainable company is contributing something to the community.

Over the first few days of the fundraiser, Vale has been able to raise, combined with money from Zeta's share-it nights, over $300 for breast cancer awareness and education. They hope to reach their goal of at least $1000. The fundraiser will continue throughout the rest of October. 

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As for the new products, both the dragonfruit bowl and pitaya smoothie are full of pink, tangy deliciousness that you should definitely not pass up next time you're at Vale. Your taste buds will not be disappointed by the flavors of dragonfruit, banana, strawberry, and pineapple that make up the base for both the bowl and the smoothie. If you order the bowl, you'll be able to pick from a multitude of toppings to get the taste and texture exactly how you like it.

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The team at Vale is always looking for more ways to give back to the community. If you are interested in partnering with Vale for a fundraising event or know of an organization that could benefit, reach out to their team at (850) 443-2119 or email them at