As a Vale Foods lover and an impossible meats advocate, I couldn't pass on the chance to try Vale's new impossible chorizo. Spoon University was invited to try out the chorizo and some other products and, I must say, we were pleasantly surprised with the quality and variety of their menu. From the hot food station that has an option for every taste (vegan, dairy free, meat-lovers carb-free), to the superfoods station that just makes you want to eat acai and chia for every meal, Vale Foods has something in store for every craving. 

The Place

Victoria Vargas

Location: 3841 SW Archer Rd B, Gainesville, Fl 

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun from 10:30am to 9:30pm


Price Range: $8-$15

Hot Food Station

Victoria Vargas

The hot food station is basically divided in four parts. First the bases, then the veggies, then the protein and lastly the boosts and the sauces. There’s three options, a small bowl which is one of each, a regular bowl, two of each and the super bowl— which is basically a lot of food. You can also do half and half if you want more variety. It’s a very free-for-all system; each person chooses what they would like from each group. However, for those struggling with decision making or proper food combinations, you can ask the server for some pretty cool pre-made bowls. 

What I liked the most about the hot station was how it had something for everyone. With many vegan choices for base and veggies, and a couple vegan proteins (the impossible chorizo was my favorite hands down), anyone following a vegan diet will feel right at home. They also offer a pre-made keto bowl and a paleo bowl. Additionally, they have fun pre-made bowls like around the globe or centered around a specific food demographic, like a southern option with Mac and Cheese and chicken or an asian inspired option. 

Victoria Vargas

If you are in doubt or just want to ty the best of the best, definitely go for their best-sellers. For bases, the Vale rice stands out from the rest since it is a unique, Vale brand product made from rice, parmesan and basil pesto. For the proteins, the ancho pulled chicken is the best— a slow-raised, sweet, smoky option that goes with almost any combination. On the vegan side, hands down the chorizo takes the win, with a little kick to it and almost real chorizo texture, it made me double check if I was having vegan food. Lastly, the curry honey mustard is tangy and sweet, better than your average honey mustard and goes amazing with most chicken flavors.

Superfoods Station

Victoria Vargas

If you aren’t feeling a whole meal and just crave a snack, the superfoods station is the one for you. They have four different option: avocado toast, acai bowls, chia pudding and smoothies. All packed with nutrients and the famous superfoods, these are excellent options for a quick afternoon pick me up or a hungover late Sunday brunch. 

Their acai bowls are by far the most famous, accounting for almost half of their sales. The acai comes with a choice of granola, the options are strawberry granola, maple pecan, and blueberry granola, and three other toppings of your preference. There’s a lot of variety in the toppings, mostly fruits, other superfoods like hemp seeds or honey, and peanut or almond butter.