Your Skid card can get you into all kinds of great places around Saratoga, these are a few of the best places to eat. Lets face it, dining hall food can only sustain a person for so long. In Saratoga there is a plethora of places to eat at, luckily you can use the funds already on your card at these great ones. Or if you're balance does not exist, beg family and friends to load funds onto your card and spend them on food, that could work too.

Max London's

This restaurant is on the pricier side so it is perfect for when you're feeling like a nice sit down meal or weekend treat!

cake, tea, coffee
Charlotte Simon

Mrs. London's

Grab a pastry to fuel your stroll down Broadway. Any time of the day these are some of the best pastries outside of France!

chocolate, cake, candy, sweet, cookie
Charlotte Simon

Comfort Kitchen

This eatery is tucked away in the Saratoga Marketplace, you'll definitely be comfortable here - try the mac & cheese, it won't disappoint.

pizza, coffee, beer, tea, wine
Charlotte Simon
Charlotte Simon

Hatties Restaurant

Mmmmmm so good, come here with an appetite and leave with a baby... a food baby that is! For your hit of amazing soul food the shack is perfect.

tea, coffee, cake
Charlotte Simon

Plum Dandy

DIY fro-yo, yes please! From strawberries to cookie dough the toppings are delicious and the yogurt is awesome too - just be careful not to go overboard... the cups are kind of huge!

tea, beer, coffee
Charlotte Simon
beer, coffee, wine
Charlotte Simon

Food is one of life's great pleasures. As a college student our options can often get a bit monotonous so switch things up, go into town, and try something new and delicious. 

Every Skidmore student has a Skid card, it's your ID, your swipe to enter the dhall, your dorm, and credit to buy awesome things. Essentially your Skid card's uses are wide, check out this list for all the other cool places you can use it! (because sometimes you just don't want to buy books from the Skid shop)