1) Location, location, location – Market 101 is on the bottom level of McBryde A at the corner of Blossom and Sumter Streets. That’s right across from the Honors dorm, behind T-Coop, down the steps from Bull Street Garage, and almost at the back door of East and West Quads. Basically, it’s more convenient than a convenience store.

market 101 map

map by Kody Kratzer

2) Best value for your meal plan – 101 accepts meal swipes, CarolinaCash, bonus bucks, Preston Dining Dollars, credit, debit, and plain ol’ cash money. The last time I was in, I got a “specialty salad” (read: red quinoa with citrus rind, green onions, paprika and golden raisins) and a drink on my dinner swipe. They’ve also got a produce section, a Simply-to-Go cooler and shelves stocked with all sorts of baller snacks to keep you going all day and all night.


photo by Ashley Crompton

3) Speaking of all day and all night, Market 101 is open late on weekdays. They’re only closed on Saturday, but come on—what college kid shops for groceries on Saturday?


photo by Lois Carlisle

4) There’s a little something for everybody (even you gluten-free vegan types) – at Market 101, there’s a whole section devoted to treats that have never before heard the word “gluten” in their healthy, all-natural shelf lives. Plus, they’ve got canned goods, fresh fruits, coconut water, spinach, berries, crackers, breads, dairy milk, rice milk, Gin Gins, AND paper plates and napkins, plus a ton of other things to keep you happy and healthy on campus.


photo by Ashley Crompton

5) They’ve got you covered too, dudes – Calling all buds and bros (especially you, residents of McBryde): there are ready-to-eat meals over here. Hearty stuff—I’m pretty sure I saw the words “meatball” and “lasagna” on some things in the frozen section. This ain’t just lite yogurts and rice milk, Market 101 also peddles good carbs. Why not pick something up on your way back from Strom? Get a little bit of that rest and recovery workin’. Hey, it’s faster than calling Domino’s.

PLUS, on the patio right outside, there’s a crew of cool dudes serving up bird dogs at Grill 101. Did someone say grilled pineapple? Uhh, yes please.

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