Location matters, especially for students who need a walkable destination to go out to eat. So if you're looking for a place to dine that won't rack up the Uber bill, 1801 Grille provides a welcoming environment right in the heart of the UofSC campus. It's within walking distance from all on campus living, and is an extremely convenient escape from redundant dining hall meals. Not only is it convenient, but the food is nothing short of delicious. 

Here’s the review:

Before we get started, here's a quick background on 1801 Grille:

     -   It's named after the birth year of the University of South Carolina, which was originally South Carolina College.

-   They have a farm to table menu that ensures quality food for their customers. The ingredients come from local Southern farms to tie into the Gamecock theme of the restaurant.

-   They have weekly brunch on Sundays from 11:30am-3:30pm, and Thursday happy hours.

-   1801 Grille also offers catering and an in house event space available to rent for special occasions such as a graduation party or a birthday party.

-   It's located under 650 Lincoln in between Greek Village and Colonial Life Arena which makes it a 12 minute walk from Russell House.

So Grab your roommates, parents and friends and head on over for some good food and great times!

Brynn Burke


My food order was ready to go when the server approached our table. My heart was set on one of their mushroom flatbread, but when we asked for his recommendation, he immediately suggested the BLT. I was a bit hesitant because of its unique runny egg, but decided to completely change my order to the BLT with a side of fries. Server knows best right? My friend stuck with the flatbread, so I was worried I would have an order envy moment when our food arrived, but holy cow. That BLT was without a doubt the best I’ve ever had. From the crispy bacon, to the perfectly toasted sourdough bread, to the garlic aioli, it was truly incredible. I chose the "House made parm fries" which were also recommended by the staff. They were served crispy with a side of homemade ranch, the perfect fry in my book. While the pizza did look equally delicious, in my opinion the BLT is the way to go.

Brynn Burke


Because of its location right on campus, 1801 Grille has established itself as a restaurant for Gamecocks. The walls are lined with vintage photos of Columbia, creating a traditional feel as you walk to your table. It’s even built from bricks that once lined the Horseshoe, a Gamecock landmark. The lighting is warm and welcoming (perfect for food pictures), and the layout provides a great place to go with friends, celebrate a special occasion, or go out for a date night. For all my girls, the bathroom has ideal lighting for group mirror selfies.


I don’t know about you, but when I’m eating out I drink a ton of water. Luckily, our server was fantastic and stopped by countless times to fill up our drinks and keep us hydrated and happy. He also had great menu recommendations and was clearly an expert on the menu. The staff as a whole seemed just as kind and attentive, and the hostesses even took our photo at the end of the meal without hesitation.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the final ratings!

Food: 10/10

Ambiance: 8/10


Overall: 9.3/10

Be sure to check out 1801 Grille on UofSC's campus after the next basketball game and support a local restaurant. We went as a Spoon staff and had a blast reviewing our meals together. Let us know what you think and what we should try next!