If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy a meal, watch the game, or head to the bar then Landmark is your place. Their menu is filled with everything from wings tossed in signature sauces to unique finger foods and desserts.  Not to mention, they have six different types of fries to order. Although, they could all be worthy of that number one spot depending on your personal preferences, here they are ranked:

6. Hot Mess Fries

Landmark fries

Photo courtesy of @landmarkamericanawc on Instagram

Topped in cilantro-cheddar sauce, ranch, bacon, and jalapeños.

Pictured here with added black beans, Landmark’s Hot Mess Fries can be an awesome appetizer to opt for if you want to try something else besides their massive plate of nachos. Or maybe just order both… treat yo self.

5. Landmark Fries

Landmark fries

Photo courtesy of @lilmssunshine93 on Instagram

Beer battered fries in house seasoning.

Landmark fries, in all of their house-seasoned glory, are classic, delicious, and arguably one of the most popular options of their fry selection. Needless to say, whether you order these beer battered fries alone or included with a sandwich or a burger (like the Main Street Burger pictured above) they won’t disappoint.

4. Cilantro Cheddar Fries

Landmark fries

Photo courtesy of Marissa M. on Yelp

Served with cilantro-cheddar sauce.

A classic plate of Landmark fries with a cup of cilantro-cheddar cheese sauce on the side. No matter how much you try to pace yourself you’ll probably end up finishing that cheese sauce before the plate of fries.

3. Garlic Parm Fries

Landmark fries

Photo courtesy of Monica C. on Yelp

Tossed in parmesan cheese, garlic, and truffle salt.

You can’t go wrong with anything in garlic parmesan sauce or seasoning from Landmark whether it be wings, tenders, or these fries.

2. Sweet Potato Fries

Landmark fries

Photo courtesy of @australiangrapejuice on Instagram

Served with cinnamon butter.

Salty and savory fries paired with sweet cinnamon butter create the perfect duo. On the plus side, they’re slightly healthier than regular fries.

1. Old Bay Fries

Landmark fries

Photo courtesy of @andrea_dulac on Instagram

Tossed in old bay seasoning and served with American cheese sauce

Old Bay seasoning (which tastes awesome sprinkled on many different types of food) is composed of a mix of flavors such as mustard, bay leaves, paprika, garlic, celery salt, and ginger, to name a few. Add American cheese sauce into the equation and you’ve got Landmark’s most popular fries. As pictured above, the Old Bay fries also come included in the Landmark Combo.

Landmark fries

Photo courtesy of giphy.com

At the end of the day, there really isn’t a bad option when it comes to ordering any one of these fries. Head out to one of Landmark Americana’s locations and decide your favorite for yourself.