With over ten cafes spread across the University of Michigan campus, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat (and throwing in a little studying while you're at it). I decided to go out and test all of the cafes, so you don't have to! Without further ado, here are the University of Michigan cafes on campus ranked! 

#1: Darwin’s: Museum of Natural History

Christa Plamondon

This is my absolute favorite. In the newly remodeled Museum of Natural History, Darwin’s is the perfect place for studying in between classes. The abundant amount of natural light and simple modern design makes this place nice and quaint.

#2: Maizie's: Michigan League

Christa Plamondon

Although ~technically~ not a cafe, I felt the need to include the beloved Maizie’s. Located in the League, this recently renovated kitchen/market makes for an ideal study spot. I also must say that their food selection is BOMB. From hot foods to quick to-go snacks, this place is perfect to get some work done… and grab a bite while you’re at it! 

#3: UMMA Cafe: University of Michigan Museum of Art

Christa Plamondon

This is another bright cafe adorned with plenty of natural light. Typically very quiet, the UMMA cafe is a nice quaint spot to grab a cup of coffee and do some work. The selection is rather limited, but if you’re looking for a quick snack, the UMMA Cafe is conveniently very centrally located on campus! Furthermore, most menu items are unique— you won't find them available anywhere else on campus!

Bonus: You can check out the art galleries!

#4: Blue Cafe: EQ, NQ, SQ

These are your average university cafes. Living in East Quad my freshman year, I would often run down to the Blue Cafe to satisfy a late night craving. To put it simply: it'll get the job done. (Warning: I once bought sushi from here and it was still frozen. Yikes!)

#5: Mujo Cafe: The Duderstadt

I have never visited Mujo Cafe, but according to my very misfortunate friends that had to live in Bursley their freshman year, it “slays” and I should “rank it up pretty high."

#6: Bert's Cafe: UGLi

Christa Plamondon

Most of us are all too familiar with this place. Dark, gloomy, and depressing; it somehow matches the UGLi’s vibes. But because Bert’s is open until 1am most nights, I have to give it credit for its easy accessibility for when you’re just straight up dying in the UGLi and need a little pick-me-up!

#7: Fireside Cafe: Pierpont Commons

Honestly... there's no reason to go here unless you happen to be in the area. One thing that's great about it is how close it is to Panda Express! However, it's still subpar when compared to Mujo Cafe— the other cafe located on North Campus.

#8: Field’s Cafe: Palmer Common

This is a decent, quiet place to do some work. It's not exceptional by any means, but remains a nice quaint place to study and grab a bite to eat!

#9: JavaBlu: School of Public Health, Student Activities Building, Taubman Health Sciences Library 

Meh. Much like the Blue Cafes, JavaBlu is nothing special. But if you are in any three of these buildings and are in dire need of some coffee, JavaBlu’s got your back!

#10: Cafe 32: School of Dentistry 

Christa Plamondon

Atrocious vibes. I once came here to kill some time after I was ~forced~ to go the School of Dentistry for a class. It was dark, food selection was limited, and it was simply not it!

There you have it: the University of Michigan cafes ranked! Be sure to check them out when you have the time (the good ones, that is).