Hipsters have it so rough—they need to stay up-to-date on the latest underground music trends (vinyl records only please), wear their grandma’s ugly sweater while looking ironically cool, and discover obscure bars all while making it seem effortless.

Luckily, eating like a hipster isn’t as hard as actually being one. Take your bike or your hybrid and drive down to the Bywater, right past the French Quarter, to visit the hippest, most underrated cafés and restaurants New Orleans has to offer. This funky neighborhood has restaurants for any kind of hipster that you can imagine. Embrace the weirdness. You won’t be disappointed.

The Casual Hipster


Photo courtesy of elizabethsrestaurantnola.com

This type of hipster knows that the classics are the way to go, so while they appreciate the oldies, they also try to shake things up and reinvent the retro. The casual hipster loves Elizabeth’s. A stomping ground for any New Orleanian who loves brunch,  Elizabeth’s caters to all types of skinny-jean-wearing, mustache-growing hipsters. Elizabeth’s menu spices up some classic lunch and dinner favorites, such as their special roasted lamb shank.

This dive establishment also serves up the most unbelievable smoked salmon and brie grilled cheese. The bread is smothered with butter and toasted on the griddle where the brie is melted and creamy, and the salmon is perfectly savory and smoky. This sandwich is everything you could ever ask for. Button up your flannel and go try it.

The Mature Hipster


Photo courtesy of Silk Road

The Mature Hipster just wants to relax, eat some Indian food, and sip on a craft beer in a warm and earthy environment. For some serious R&R, the mature hipster chills out at Silk Road. Here, they serve up some of the most outstanding Indian-inspired dishes and wine in town.

Silk Road’s vegetable samosas with tamarind sauce as well as the lemongrass and crab bisque are two wonderful lunchtime options. The samosas are golden and flakey with a hearty mix of curried peas, carrots, cauliflower, and other veggies stuffed inside. A little dip of the sweet and tangy tamarind sauce helps balance the subtle spice of the samosa. The bisque reaches an all-new level of tastiness. Filled with a generous amount of tender crab meat, the broth of the bisque is aromatic and filled with warmth. It is silk in a spoon.

The Tortured Artist Hipster


Photo courtesy of Flora Gallery and Coffee Shop

The Tortured Artist Hipster has surpassed the realm of “hipsterdom.” These hipster types frequent Flora Gallery and Coffee Shop to enjoy a coffee and passionately compose some dark poetry. This place is totally grunge and only recommended for those who are comfortable dining amongst people with tattooed faces or sitting next to stray cats.

As long as you’re down with that atmosphere, this place is truly a hidden gem. In addition to the genuine community vibe, Flora Gallery and Coffee Shop has some fierce espresso shots that will slap you in the face with caffeine. It doesn’t hurt to try some of their old-fashioned desserts, such as their cinnamon cake. This petite treat is filled with butter, sugar, and lots of cinnamon. It’s the kind of cake that you can imagine your grandma whipping up in the 1950’s and it sure tastes swell.

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