NU Dining’s got a new kid on the block and not enough people know about it. Including you. The new Café Crossing’s got pastries, sandwiches, bowls and Starbuck’s coffee, all with the swipe of a Husky card. This is unprecedented, people! So here’s some advice on how to navigate this secret spot so you make sure you get the bang for your meal swipe.


The formula: oatmeal or pastry + fruit + coffee = meal swipe

Test run at the new Café Crossing. #Northeastern's newest dining location opens to the public this Tuesday!

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Okay so it may not be Rebecca’s french toast and home fries, but when you’re in a rush to get to that 8 am lecture, Café Crossing’s breakfast option is the way to go. Just stroll in, grab some hearty oatmeal or a buttery croissant with a banana and your caffé latte +2 shots (it’s 8 am, let’s be real) and you’re ready to take on the day.


The formula: sandwich or bowl + fruit or chips + bottled drink or coffee = meal swipe

Pastrami Melt


Photo by Kaely Gallagher

Sometimes the most simple things are the most delicious, and this is one of those times. This classic combo of pastrami, swiss, pickled coleslaw and mustard is loaded onto a telera roll and toasted before being wrapped up in paper — it’s a beautiful bundle of joy. Try it with some potato chips and you will never look back.

Asian Market Bowl


Photo by Kaely Gallagher

Tired of West End salads? Try this bowl to spice things up! You’ve got your kale and spinach mix topped with chicken, edamame, quinoa, carrots and kimchi cucumbers (just try them). Get it tossed with some dressing or take it on the side and finish off your healthy lunch with some house-made crostini.

Crossroad Special


Photo by Kaely Gallagher

This signature sandwich is defined by its initially confusing yet oh-so-necessary ingredient — BBQ mushrooms. It’s basically like BBQ sauce but in vegetable form (#healthy). Combine that with roasted chicken, swiss, romaine lettuce and caramelized onion and artichoke spread on a toasted baguette and your lunch break is no longer ordinary.


You can also make your own bowl or sandwich creation with the variety of yummy ingredients behind the counter. It kinda makes you feel like you’re about to get Chipotle (you’re not but you’ve had it twice this week so calm down). Café Crossing gives you the power to customize what you get for your meal swipe, and that’s something that won’t stay quiet for long.