If you haven’t been acquainted with St Andrews’s cafe culture yet, trust me, you will. St Andrews is definitely a cafe town (and a bar town, but that’s besides the point). With tons of places available for your brunching pleasure, there’s so many options for more than just your morning brew, and surely, as you get to know the town better and settle in, you’ll start to figure out which are your favorites.

So, fresher, tell us what you’re craving today, and we’ll give you the best cafe to get it at. Time to get your caffeine on.

Some place to be productive: Rectors Cafe


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With its big, glassy windows facing Market Street that let light (when it’s sunny) in, Rectors is the perfect place to grab a chai latte (and trust us, it’s the best) and grab a seat to do work. Around revision time it’ll be impossible to find anywhere to sit, so whether the comfy seating or the tall bar stools are to your fancy, you can be sure that you’ll be productive here — typically, most people will be doing work here, even into the late hours (Rectors closes at 10 p.m. — later than all other coffee shops in town).

Some place to celebrate: Bibi’s


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Bibi’s is probably the only cafe you’ll be able to take yourself and 49 of your best friends for brunch or any other meal (all other St Andrews restaurants are literally so tiny). You can rent the place out, and, if you’re having a really big celebration, you can do dinner at Bibi’s (we had last year’s Spoon dinner here, and it rocked). Plus, it’s a fan favorite ’cause you can BYOB up to 2 bottles of wine per person. That’s a lot of drunk. I also have to mention they have ah-mazing panini’s here, so, yeah.

Some place to get out of town: Balgove Cafe


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St Andrews is a really small town. And while we adore the Bubble, it’s always refreshing to get a little break from the hustle and bustle surrounding our streets, which makes Balgove such a refreshing option. Situated just outside of town (basically across from the Golf Academy), brunch at Balgove is not only a really affordable option (seriously, £1 scones!), it’s also a really pretty walk on a nice day.

Some place for the hipster in us all: Taste


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Also, the people in the window are somehow always super attractive, but I digress. The (only?) somewhat hipster hangout in St Andrews also dishes up some pretty good coffee, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a seat (not that there are many in the first place, so…). We’re fans, tho.

Some place for the tourist in us all: North Point


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It’s where Kate met Wills (for pancakes!) after all — but make sure to avoid this place like the plague on all open days, holidays, May Dip… You get the gist. But otherwise, they offer a seriously tasty lunch deal (and a good excuse for a midday library escape during revision) and also have really, really good Malteser hot chocolates. Really.

Some place to be healthy: Zest


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For the best smoothies and salads, you can’t go wrong. And you’ll feel pretty damn good about yourself afterwards (’cause it’s definitely the healthiest place in town). Also, on nice days, you can sit outside and do some pretty good people watching on Market Street (but they also have a South Street location if that tickles your fancy).

Some place for brunch n’ scones: Gorgeous


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For the world’s most delicious scones (seriously, the Prince/ss of Cambridge will literally change your life). The downstairs section is takeaway, but inquire about sitting upstairs and order a pot of tea. If you’re craving someplace quiet, bring your laptop along for a study session. Guaranteed perfect day.

Some place for your first date: Cottage Kitchen


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Listen to me, and listen to me well, fresher. If you ever want to get past pulling your casual hookup at Sinners when you’re both too wasted on messy bombs to actually forming a real relationship, this is your shot. Go in and share some pastries, cakes, or even their bomb mac and cheese, and snuggle a bit in the outdoor seating (bonus points to s/he who brings the blanket).

Some place you’ll get made fun of for going: Dervish


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Only the truly bold attempt Dervish sober, and during the daylight. But if you’re trying to be the next BNOC on campus (’cause you a badass and you want the world to know), this is the most obvious way to do it. Make sure to send us pics.


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Happy brunching, freshers.