Newark has really won the lottery lately when it comes to new eating and drinking digs. Q'doba has brought us free guac and killer queso, while PoBu is making our town trendier with the sushi burrito. Now, Little Goat Coffee Roasting is enabling our caffeine addictions one quality cup at a time. 

Founded as a roasting company in 2016, Little Goat Coffee Roasting opened their complete coffee shop doors this fall. They're giving Haines Street a cozier reputation with a location that feels like a home as soon as you step in. After weeks of hype around town, I was finally able to stop by to put their spot to the test.

Their Roasts

Abby Dugan

With the noise of fresh coffee being ground in-house, each day brings a new roast option at Little Goat. I had only one option of a dark roast to try on my chosen Tuesday morning, but just the next day their Instagram story showcased two other roast options to try. 

As a roasting company above all else, Little Goat has stuck true to its roots with quality coffee. Even as more of a medium roast girl, their dark roast left me appreciating the quality of the coffee and wanting another cup. 

Their Different Drinks

Abby Dugan

While I am a black coffee fiend, some people cringe at the thought of it. Luckily, Little Goat appreciates all caffeine and milk combinations.  

Specialties stand out for their seasonal appeal, like a special local honey latte, while the cortados and cappuccinos taste as classic as their names. I had a chance to try a latte with homemade vanilla flavoring and almond milk, which was flavorful without being the sweetness overload that many other shops push out. 

Unless I completely missed them in my pre-caffeine daze, Little Goat does not offer any side treats for your coffee. This could be a real deal breaker for some people, and I won't deny a perfect pastry pairing, but that just enhances Little Goat's brand as pure coffee lovers. Simple grab your coffee to-go or enjoy it for what it is in their peaceful space. 

To Try or Take Off?

Abby Dugan

Everyone has their go-to coffee stop, whether it be out of convenience or flavor preference, but that doesn't mean you can't try something new. 

If you also ever needed a reason to support small business, Little Goat Coffee Roasting is it. They encompass everything that a true coffee lover can appreciate, with the added bonus of being right off campus. It's big enough to plop down with a laptop or chit chat with a friend, and small enough to not overwhelm anyone who stops in for the first time. They may be called Little Goat Coffee Roasting, but I see nothing but big things for them.