Whether you’re buckled down for an all night study sesh or feeling too lazy to cook, takeout food is always a lifesaver. But only, of course, if it’s delicious. UCLA students ranked the following restaurants as best delivery options based on taste, service, and price.

9. Delphi Greek

Photo Courtesy of Delphi Greek

Definitely the most craveable way to go Greek. The salads are said to be chock full of wonderful ingredients and the gyros are to die for.

8. Enzo’s Pizzeria

No delivery list is complete without pizza, and Enzo’s is the pizzeria of choice. Enzo’s serves huge, fast, cheap, delicious NY-style pizza with an array of amazing sides.

7. Moon House Chinese Cuisine

Photo Courtesy of Yelp

Known for being the closest thing to East Coast Chinese food on this side of the country, Moon House delivers food fast and hot. This is the Chinese takeout place.

6. New Japan by Sushi Stop

Photo Courtesy of Yelp

Super fast, super cheap sushi until 1am? Yes, please. Their takeout teriyaki salmon is legendary.

5. Italian Express

Photo Courtesy of Italian Express

Every wanted pasta and pizza at 3 am? This is your place. The garlic cheese rolls are said to be life-changing.

4. Naab cafe

Photo Courtesy of Naab Cafe

Amazing Persian food and fast, friendly delivery — what more could you ask for? Maybe some high quality baklava? They’ve got that covered too.

3. Mr. Noodle

Photo Courtesy of Yelp

Free delivery if you order at least $12 of food. The Chicken Pad See Ew is a fan favorite, especially for takeout.

2. TLT Food

One of the best known restaurants in Westwood but not many people know it delivers. TLT is a fuses Mexican and American flavors, and every combination is absolutely bomb.

1. Westwood Thai Cafe


Photo Courtesy of Westwood Thai Cafe

Known for its fast delivery and delicious, spicy Thai food, this restaurant is a UCLA favorite. The dumplings are universally loved and definitely try the Thai iced tea.