It’s pretty much a given that you’d do anything for the one you love, including taking him or her out on a lovely date during your one month, one year, or just-for-funsies anniversary. Besides, we spend so much time throughout the school year trying to save money and being cautious to not spend so much eating out. What better occasion is there than a romantic dinner to finally splurge? If you’re looking to have a cute, classy night with your beloved but want to keep relatively close to campus, these restaurants are just what you need.

1. Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

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This local restaurant has five different locations spread out throughout the area, enabling you and your significant other to get your Italian fix no matter where you are. Order a pasta dish (we recommend the fra diavolo sauce) and try to recreate the iconic scene from The Lady and the Tramp where the two puppies end up kissing after eating the same strand of pasta. Just a warning though, it probably won’t be as cute as it is in the movie.

2. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

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One may not typically think of a dinner at a Japanese steakhouse as a romantic date, but you’d be surprised at how many people just desperately want a good hibachi meal on their night out. Kobe has a number of sushi rolls to choose from too, which is fitting since, if you’re lucky, you’ll be rolling around tonight as well.

3. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

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Even though Cooper’s Hawk’s main attraction is their wine, their food is just as exquisite and unique. Give their short rib risotto a try, and lose yourself in the thick, creamy mix of truffle oil and sweet onions. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, impress your loved one and try your hand at homemade risotto.

4. Marlow’s Tavern

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Not really feeling the late night vibe? Head to Marlow’s Tavern for a great Southern-style brunch. The food here can get a little messy, but that’s only because it’s so damn good. And frankly, you two have been together long enough, so being a messy eater really shouldn’t be a problem at this point.

5. STK Steakhouse

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This is especially convenient for Rosen Hospitality couples, since it’s located in the newly revamped Disney Springs. While STK may be a little pricey, you’re paying for top-quality steaks. Plus, there’s even rooftop dining. Perfect for reflecting on the achievements you and your significant other have made. Or failures, we don’t judge.

6. The Boheme

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Located inside the Grand Bohemian hotel, The Boheme’s hella fancy (but chic) decor and jazzy atmosphere make it one of the classiest spots for your long-awaited date night.  Just be cautious: the hotel is simply beautiful, and it may persuade you to get married sooner than you expected.

7. Enzo’s on the Lake

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Enzo’s is a cute and cozy Italian restaurant, with waterfront views and a garden atmosphere. You can often find weddings and other general events taking place here, so you might need to reserve a table a couple days in advance just to be safe. The views are incredible – that pic of you, your main squeeze, and the scenic background are almost guaranteed to break a hundred Instagram likes.

8. Café Tu Tu Tango

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You two have shared quite a while with each other – now it’s time to share numerous small plates as well. Each item on their menu is globally inspired, meaning your taste buds are in for an international treat no matter what you order. Pay special attention to the interior artwork, for it’s all pieces made by local artists. If you fall in love with a specific one, you’re free to purchase it as an anniversary gift for your… dorm? It’s the closest thing you’ll have to living with each other for now.