Home to roughly 30,000 students, the University of Georgia offers a wide array of study spots on campus. These study spots, however, fill up quickly and, for the most part, lack a comforting atmosphere.

Subsequently, many students spill over into the downtown study scene — Starbucks, Walker's, etc. They eek out the spaces nearest campus that offer free wifi and a quiet place to hunch over textbooks and a laptop for hours on end. 

If you've got a few extra minutes to add to your routine, however, you won't regret checking out some of the spots Five Points has to offer. Less than a ten minute drive (depending on traffic, of course) down Lumpkin Street from the MLC is Two Story Coffeehouse.

Two Story has a lot of character. The best way to describe its atmosphere is productive yet comfortable. Upon walking in, you're greeted with a smile and the strong scent of fresh, brewing coffee — a pretty decent combination.

Papers, laptops and calculators are spread across tables, cloaked by the shadow of their respective coffee-drinking students.

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This coffeehouse is actually run out of a house. The owners certainly succeed in emphasizing the small in small business. You feel very connected, which is much appreciated. The staff takes time to treat you. Their goal is to serve you a drink the way you want it, so that you're comfortable hanging out for a while.

"Two Story is a perfect place to focus or meet with others. With different rooms and nooks, you can always find a cozy place to study ... It really makes the long hours and late nights just a little bit easier," says Allison Turnipseed, a junior studying sociology at UGA. 

Two Story's persona comes alive in its hand-written chalk boards, its intricately-designed lattes, and its loyal customers strung-out on one too many shots of espresso. It embodies the heart of Athens and does so while creating a calm, social atmosphere where students can focus. 

So whether you need a quick shot of espresso to get you going before class, or you need a comfortable place to study for finals, pop into Two Story Coffee House between 7am to 10pm (closing 9pm Fridays and Saturdays).