Twigs brunch is something that the kids over at Oxford live for. As a student told me when I saw her there, drinking a coffee, “I woke up specifically for this.” When I was a freshman, I didn’t even realize the greatness of Twigs brunch until St. Patrick’s Day morning when I pregamed at Twigs instead of a frat. I was so jealous of my friends who lived on Oxford – I was going to Angelo’s on a routine basis and they were getting this included in their meal plan.

Today, unfortunately, I didn’t have the same mouthwatering experience that I did my freshman year. After making it through the door, I bee-lined over to the hot food. I loaded my plate up with scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns. But to my disappointment, the eggs were cold and the bacon was a bit soggy. To their credit, the hash browns were terrific. Course one did not live up to my memories.

Next up were the pancakes. Hard to make an out-of-this-world pancake, but these were pretty good and, most importantly, fresh. The powdered sugar shaker was a nice touch, as was the warmed syrup.

Photo by Alexandra Hayes

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Overall, I give Twigs props for having a wide array of options. You can get bagels, cranberry muffins, oatmeal and sausages, just to name a few tasty breakfast classics. Even so, I didn’t quite fully recover from the greasy bacon and cold eggs. But to the freshmen in Oxford and the boys living near Geddes – definitely head over for some coffee and a bagel to go.