As a loyal Texan, I have high standards for Tex-Mex food. One might even call me a Tex-Mex snob. Since coming to Auburn, I have yet to find a Tex-Mex restaurant that I love. Don't get me wrong, any Mexican or Tex-Mex place here will satisfy my craving, but none were close to the standards at home.

It's like eating "cheese dip" when I am used to "queso." This changed when I tried Tuco's. This new restaurant does not mess around. It's throwing out some steep competition for, in my opinion, the best Tex-Mex in Auburn. 
salsa, chips, tortilla chips, corn
Katie Stotts

Tuco's opened in late June 2016, so you could imagine my excitement to come back to school and have another Tex-Mex place to try. It's located by the Publix on Moore's Mill. Tuco's is true Tex-Mex with a southern flare. I went there recently after my friends finally agreed to try it with me. 

To start off, they brought us chips and salsa, like I would expect, but their salsa was some of the freshest tasting salsa I have had in a while. The chips were warm and perfectly salted. But let me tell you what my favorite part was: the queso. Tuco's queso is hands down the best queso I have experienced in the whole state of Alabama. This stuff is on the same level as some Texas restaurants.  

tacos, chicken, salad, pork
Katie Stotts

For dinner, we split the chicken and filet fajitas. It comes with tortillas, guacamole, lettuce, pico, and the regular things you would find with fajitas all on one big plate. The steak and chicken were cooked very well and had a good amount of seasoning.

When I get fajitas I tend to make them into a taco, and I would strongly recommend adding some of your leftover queso to the taco or on top of the fajitas. It truly makes it that much better. Another great aspect of this was that when you split it all, which I recommend because it's a lot of food, it's very well priced. It's affordable for the average college kid, but still a great meal. 

Their margaritas are another reason to go and try Tuco's. A fresh-tasting skinny marg is a great addition to your meal. 

If you haven't been to Tuco's yet, add it to your to-do list. 10/10 would recommend this place for some Tex-Mex in Alabama that is comparable to Texan Tex-Mex.