The perfect pizza may not exist, but Fergndan's Pizza comes pretty close to it. It's the type of pizza where you always want to have another piece, even when you are full. It's the type of pizza that puts you in a better mood. It's the type of pizza where when you crave pizza, Fergndan's is what you want. 

The Food Truck of your Dreams

Fergndan's Wood Fired Pizza makes a meal an experience. "Pizza coming out," you hear right as a young man carries out a pie headed for the oven. And that's when you witness magic. Taking less than four minutes, you watch the pizza transition from raw to godlike. The wood fire blazing in the corner of the oven across from your pizza looks like a scene from a movie. 

"Pizza coming out," is shouted once more, and you wake from your loving gaze. As they hand you your personal box of pizza you begin to question your whole life. "How come I never came here sooner?" you think. And when you take that first bite, you enter an immediate food high. This is just the first, to many. Welcome to the world of Fergndan's Wood Fired Pizza. You are now hooked. 

Meet the Fergusons, the family behind Fergndan's Pizza.

Meet John, Laurabeth, Daniel, Emma Grace and William Ferguson. Daniel (Dan) prepares the pizzas in the kitchen and William (Ferge) monitors the cooking process with the oven. 

The Perfect Crust is the Key to Success

"The crust is the foundation of the pizza, it's what people remember you by," says the owner. The Ferguson family has worked on their dough recipe for two years to make it just right. The dough is made fresh multiple times throughout the week. 

Toppings Galore Is a No-No

The saying "the more, the merrier" is not the case when it comes to pizza toppings. "Having more than five toppings ruins a pizza," John Ferguson says. "It over-complicates the flavors and makes the crust soggy." The way to choose the toppings is to decide on the idea of the pizza you want and then pick the toppings which would work. 

The idea for the S'mores Pizza came from the smell of the wood fire in the oven. It reminded them of camp fires so they crafted a pizza that resembles one big s'more! It's the favorite among the kids, topped with a homemade marshmallow cream, chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs and mini marshmallows! 

The Market Pizza came from wanting a pizza on the light side. They swapped out the marinara sauce for an herb-infused olive oil from J. Olive Oils. This pizza is topped with mushrooms, onions, fresh peppers, Roma tomatoes and mozzarella. 

You can check out the rest of their menu online at their website!

Gluten and Dairy Free Options Available

"Pizza is an experience everyone deserves to have, even when you have a restricted diet," says the owner. Fergndan's offers a gluten-free crust and non-dairy cheese for those who have a special diet. The owner has suffered from Celiac Disease and knows how hard it is to find good food that fits the required food restrictions.

I hope you enjoy their pizza as much as I do. Check out the calendar on their website to see where they will be next!