Remember the mud dark brown shade of the drink, held in a cup, staring at you, making you warm? Or a room filled with the sweet-bitter aroma of coffee that triggers your craving for it?

We have had long, deep relationships with coffee, unbroken and true. We crave for it at night as we reminisce the good old days, at morning as we begin our day and in the evening to unnerve our stressed senses. We can’t forget the precious love affair spent with it, can we?

One such place that would charge you up and take you back to your little world of innate joy is The Coffee Shop. This cozy place can save you from the scorching days and chilly evenings. The amiable staff serves you their best in everything – food, smile, and hospitality. The experience is so enriching that one forgets the worries of the daily grind. With an ambiance that reeks of coffee, what with the coffee-brown furniture and overall decor, The Coffee Shop is a sight right from the moment you put your eyes on it.

The menu is filled with some all-time favourite items but what you cannot really miss at your first visit are these:

1. Mocha Frappe

The Coffee Shop

Photo by Sonal Chanana

The first sip of Mocha Frappe will take you on a tour of heaven and once you are back, it will all be finished! It gets bitter and better with every sip.

2. Oreo Coffee Shake

The Coffee Shop

Photo by Sonal Chanana

The scrumptious Oreo crumbs of the Oreo Coffee Shake will melt in your mouth and you can’t give up on that till the end. It gets creamier, thicker, bitter and addictive AF.

3. Himalayan Breakfast

The Coffee Shop

Photo by Kritika Narula

Apart from the exotic shakes, American and Italian cuisines, they offer a special Himalayan breakfast all day long.

The platter has a Tibetan bread along with a spicy potato dish (Aloo Dum), masala omelette, Himalayan Gorkha achaar and some sauté vegetables. The traditional spices that are meant to keep you warm during winters are used aptly to suit the summers. The bell peppers and onions lend the essential colors to the platter. The soft bread within a roasted crust with a spicy pickle and the potato dish tastes heavenly!

The Himalayan breakfast, therefore, remains an experience to be had, and you might think of adding it to your bucket list.