If you catch yourself constantly checking some tropical places to visit, know it is perfectly normal for any serious vacationer. The summer is reaching upon us and I'm sure you're all looking for a place to vacation at. Well, don't look any further, the Caribbean is, perhaps, the best place for your memorable and well-deserved vacation. Those places are truly picture-perfect. The Caribbean is known for their sexy tropical islands and beautiful beaches that are a must for to go vacation spot. As you know, sexy tropical vacation spots equal bomb a** food fueled with so much flavor. I'm sure, you've heard of all these places but let me give you some serious FOMO by looking at these sexy pictures of these locations that will make you book your ticket ASAP. 

1. Puerto Rico

Just look at that beautiful view and crystal clear blue pool that one could be enjoying in Puerto Rico at Exotic Club Antigua. Puerto Rico is a country is known for its environment, mouthwatering plates, and the cultural side of everything celebrated in the country. They invest a lot in their beaches to attract tourists every year which they do successfully.   Perhaps, in my opinion, this is my #1 of sexy places that I recommend for a vacation in the Caribbean known for its beaches and delicious food such as mofongo. Also, have very attractive resorts to stay at that has many amenities in such a vacationer to never wanting to leave. But about that mofongo though, it's mashed up plantains with bacon, olive oil, and chicken stock and can be served with along with a nice grilled chicken or Arroz con habichuelas (rice and beans).

2. Jamaica 

Everyone knows this particular place for another reason, but its vacation theme is one of the most underrated locations ever. Jamaica is absolutely beautiful and cannot stress enough the see through water and white sandy beaches. You will find a common theme with all these countries and it's their display and love for the culture. Jamaica is one place to have fun and enjoy the feeling of being Jamaican. Also, while being here, you must get the Jamaican jerk chicken that will leave you licking your fingers for more. 

3. Guadeloupe 

Guadeloupe, my third favorite sexy place in the Caribbean that is a must for vacation isn't very well known around the world. But is very much known for its tropical fruits, exciting music and much more. Guadeloupe is very much underrated country yet a must visit or plan a getaway vacation to escape the realness. Guadeloupe is the place to visit if you are feeling adventurous and want to taste or try their culture for yourself such as accras de crevettes like the picture shown below. Accras de crevettes is a mixture of fish, spices and is fry battered and best to eat it with a delicious creole sauce.

4. Cuba

We obviously can't forget about one of the most anticipated places to visit, Cuba! Thankfully to our former President Obama, a few years ago made it official to enter Cuba without first going to Canada. Cuba is famous for its monuments, the culture, the environment, the weather and the ambiance. As well, even though it may seem like Cuba is stuck in time, you can definitely find time to de-stress here and relax as one should. But, let's get to the most important fact here, the food. Cuba is known for their famous ropa vieja (shredded beef) and can be accompanied with Arroz con frijoles (rice and beans) and a refreshing salad.

5. Haiti

Of course, we have to save the best vacation spot for last. If you have read my previous articles, you would know that Haiti is known for a lot more than just the earthquake of 2010. There's a wide variety of food from breakfast to dinner. Also, home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. There are so many adventures such as zip lining, cruising, swimming with fishes, dancing to the music while enjoying the mouthwatering food as well. Pork griot is a very common plate to eat if want the full Haitian experience. 

As you can see there's a lot to enjoy in the Caribbean sea. Whether you're in for a unique adventure, delicious food, fun music, culture, or historic monuments. You can find them all and there's no better place. Hopefully, this gives you a better perspective and a much better crowd to choose from. These are only top 5 from a huge collection. Do some more research but one thing for sure i you will find what you are looking for in the Caribbean among all those tropical places in the Caribbean that are a must for vacation.