While hanging out in my brother's soon-to-be college home, Boston, he insisted that we visit a café on Newbury Street called Trident Booksellers and Cafe. I thought it was just another average cute, touristy restaurant with string lights, but then he said it's also a library. "So like a Starbucks in a library?" I say.

After some research, I learned it's the perfect combination between a full restaurant and a packed bookstore. The menu is versatile with tons of tasty options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and has a lot of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan plates. Just across the restaurant (and upstairs) stands bookshelves packed with cool reads and novelty items.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day, every day. A guest can choose from a variety of options like a French dip sandwich, a vegan and gluten-free cashew chili, or a Boston creme pie for desert, all while sipping on Thai chai bubble tea. My entire family got the corn beef hash and it was incredible (and a must next time I head over there).

The restaurant opened back in 1984 when Newbury St. was still growing. The mom and pop shop is a favorite stop for many locals and tourists looking for a meal they know will satisfy their hunger. While waiting for your table, most guests look around the place at all the small trinkets and hundreds of book covers.

If you're in the mood for reading something mysterious, there is a book shelf with blind date books—books that have construction paper around it with a sentence summary on the front so judging by a book's cover is impossible. They host events often too, like book readings and DIY terrarium classes. Including the Trident on Saturday's Newbury Street stroll is a must every single time.