It is finally Halloween, which means it's time to get your scare on. Rather than going out and spending money at the bar, gather some "ghouls" and stay home, bake Midnight Monster cookies, and sip on these spooky cocktails made with your favorite spirits. 

Now, I am not a pro or a certified bartender, so I am absolutely clueless on how to mix drinks. I usually just throw some type of alcohol in a glass with whatever sugary liquid I have on deck and call it a night. 

However, these easy-to-make drinks have made it terrifyingly easy to become my very own "witch-ologist." So, whether you have a splash of Absolut left in the back of your freezer (like me) or a fresh bottle of Tito's, get ready to have one hell of a Halloween night with these spooky cocktails. 

1. Candy Corn Halloween Martini


niseag03 on Flickr

This Candy Corn Halloween Martini, provided by the Food Network, has me under its spell.

Growing up, I was never a fan of candy corn, but this drink is so tangy, I feel its magic in my bones. It also has more spirits in it than a centuries-old graveyard, so you know it's a keeper.

For this spooky cocktail, you will need candy corn, vodka, orange liqueur, lemon juice, and egg whites. Though it takes a bit longer to make, it is so "eerie-sistable" that it is well-worth the 3 hour wait. 

2. Black Magic Margarita

Halloween cocktails

Malmaison Hotels & Brasseries on Flickr

I have to give this Black Magic Margarita 5 out of 5 skulls for its "gourd-eous" presentation and unique taste.

Though it's usually a bit darker than the photo featured above, that just means it's the perfect cocktail to kickstart your night. 

This "hallow-ita" can be made with black sanding sugar, silver tequila, ice, triple sec, lime juice, red, blue, and green food coloring, and lime slices. Whether you make it on the rocks or frozen, this drink will allow you to have a wicked good time. 

3. Piña Ghoulada

Bloody Cocktail 2

Didriks on Flickr

Okay, the only thing better than this name is the cocktail itself. Like it's supernatural counterpart, this Piña Ghoulada will be there one second and gone the next.

However, don't let this frozen drink chill you to the bone- decorate it with a candy blood rim and some gummy garnishes. This will add a tricky twist to this traditionally tropical treat (say that five times fast). 

You will need corn syrup, red food coloring, coconut cream, pineapple juice, white rum, ice, whole lychees, and preserved black cherries for this spooky cocktail. 

4. Frankenstein Mojito

Proper mojitos

blackplastic on Flickr

There's nothing better than a "shockingly" good Frankenstein mojito that is easy to stitch together. Like the monster, this drink is just what the doctor ordered. 

Although this cocktail still has its undeniable tropical flavor, two additional ingredients separate it from other mojitos: spook and vegetables. 

For this cocktail, you will need London dry gin, limoncello, lychee liquor BOLS, sugar syrup, lime juice, lime, cucumber, mint, and ice. Add in some green food coloring, and you might just create Frankenstein himself. 

5. Purple People Eater 

windyjonas on Flickr

Bring out your inner monster with this Purple People Eater. Not only is the violet hue bewitching, but the flavor of this brew is totally worth dying for. 

To make this cannibalistic cocktail, you will need vodka, blue curaçao, cranberry juice, sweet and sour mix, and grenadine. Don't forget to add some black sanding sugar to the rim and gummy fingers to garnish and you're set. 


6. Vampire Cocktail

Ben Sutherland on Flickr

This Vampire Cocktail was love at first bite. Or sip, rather. 

Whether you're binge-watching The Vampire Diaries or Twilight saga, this "fang-tastic" drink will be the perfect cocktail for a Halloween night in. Much better than a 12-pack of "Blood" Lite to split between you and your crew. 

For this drink, you will need Fireball, cinnamon candy, corn syrup, red gel food coloring, red sanding sugar, ice, orange juice, and ginger ale. Garnish it with a set of vampire teeth and enjoy.

And there you have it. Stay indoors this Halloween and save money by preparing your own 21+ alcoholic drinks with your favorite witches and warlocks. 

Remember to stay safe, stay scary, and have a Happy Halloween!