Triangle Diner is a cozy establishment that is an instant favorite for both Skidmore students and residents in the area. Not only is it super close to campus, but it’s a great inexpensive option to have some breakfast or lunch. As soon as you walk in, both the comforting hustle & bustle and the smell of fresh coffee and hearty breakfasts are enough to enrapture anyone. It has a classic diner look, with a long counter for people to sit at as well as booths, and a black and white tiled floor.


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It is always busy, but the wait is never long. It is usually a perfect amount of time to drool over everyone’s food and think about what you are in the mood to order. They often have new specials, so be prepared to change your mind multiple times. There are so many good-sounding things on the menu that it can take quite awhile to settle on just one option!

Their menu offers classic sweet breakfast options such as pancakes, waffles and french toast, as well as other favorites like omelets and benedicts.

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  Among all these choices, however, are often multiple variations. Take the Eggs Benedict: in addition to a classic Eggs Benedict or an Egg Florentine, they have a California Benedict (with tomato and avocado), a Crab Cake Benedict, or a Country Benedict (sausage patties with gravy served on a biscuit).  

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The last time I was at Triangle, I ordered the Country Benedict. Their biscuits are always warm and soft, and provide the perfect contrast to the perfectly poached egg, hearty sausages, and flavorful gravy.


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I always leave Triangle Diner feeling totally satisfied, and often I can never imagine how I will eat again. Regardless, I leave feeling confident that I will be coming back before I know it. It’s that good.