This summer I've had the chance to reconnect with family and friends, discover new food spots & deals, and introduce my family and friends to said food spots & deals. My most recent discovery: $3 Pizookies. 

Do you ever crave something rich, but then look at your wallet and think otherwise? What if I told you that for just $3 you could satisfy that craving? At BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, you can enjoy a mouthwatering Pizookie for just $3 every Tuesday! 

This is the perfect place to bring your friends and family because 1. It's delicious, 2. It's affordable 3. did I already say it's freakin' delicious?? I care so deeply about this food deal because I just recently found out about it and I cannot imagine letting one more day pass without letting others know about it too. The world deserves to know about $3 Pizookie Tuesdays.

BJ's: Home of the Pizookie

Originally known as Chicago Pizza, BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse was founded in 1978 in Orange County, California. At BJ's you'll find everything from craft beer to delicious entrees and desserts. When it comes to Tuesdays, you'll find me there for their Pizookies.

What is a Pizookie?

When pizza meets cookie, you get a Pizookie. For anyone who loves pizza and cookies, this BJ's treat is for you. They're basically a little bit of heaven in a deep dish.

A warm, freshly baked cookie, topped with two scoops of ice cream...all yours for just $3 (usually $6.50–$7.25). 

The Flavors

There are many options when it comes to ordering the perfect Pizookie. It can be difficult to choose between Chocolate Chunk, Cookies 'n' Cream, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Triple Chocolate, and Peanut Butter. Can't pick just one flavor? No worries. You can enjoy two halves of your favorite flavors with a Pizookie Two (like the Chocolate Chunk and Cookies 'n' Cream duo pictured above), and it's still just $3. Amazing!

My go-to Pizookie is Chocolate Chunk topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. The ice cream to cookie ratio is spot on. Eating a Pizookie is quite the experience. It's basically love at first bite. When you dig into a Pizokie, the middle is warm and gooey and the edges are slightly crunchy. The melted ice cream also adds a whole new element to the Pizookie experience. The warm and cold sensation will have you questioning how something so good can be only $3. 

Looking for a good way to spend those three spare dollars on Tuesday? You could use it for laundry OR you could head over to BJ's and get yourself a mouthwatering Pizookie! Affordable and delicious? What more could a college student want?