In Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown District, there’s a small tea shop that boasts hundreds of “The World’s Finest Teas.” Here, they focus on tea made with scientific precision, and sourced from ethical, fair-trade gardens. These teas will transport you to the side of a mountain where it was grown or to a fancy English tea ceremony in London. Tea-drinking traditions exist in all parts of the world, but at Tea Haus you can have all of those experiences in one place. 

Japanese Houjicha

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This tea is a roasted green tea that reminds me of my days as a homestay student in Japan. We drank this tea every morning with breakfast, and my first sip at the Tea Haus immediately transported me back to my host family’s small apartment.

China Milky Jade

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This tea is a classic oolong loved by any person in China. People there drink oolong every day to get their caffeine fix, and this tea is exceptionally processed: medium oxidation then steamed over milk for a subtle, creamy tea.

Indian Chai

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This tea is a staple in the Indian diet, and expertly mixes strong black tea with spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. A hot cup of chai is sure to bring back memories of a good curry or an experience traveling the subcontinent.

English Breakfast

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This robust black tea is reminiscent of tea parties as a child or a full English tea in London. It's a timeless classic, and can be enjoyed plain or with milk and sugar. Pinkies up!

All of these teas at Tea Haus will help recall the memories and tastes of your travels around the world. Even if you've never left the U.S., you can transport yourself without even leaving Ann Arbor just by drinking a cup of tea!