In Toronto, there are a number of unique ice cream shops. When my best friend showed me Bang Bang Ice Cream, in particular, I wasn’t very impressed. I am not typically a sweets person, and I get ice cream about once a month maximum. We had just finished a filling dinner of Pho Hung noodles, and I could see that the ice cream line was out the door. It looked like too much effort for one cup of ice cream. At first, I was totally against the idea of trying Bang Bang Ice Cream. However, after seeing the line increase, I was persuaded into giving the ice cream a try.

First Impressions

Bang Bang Ice Cream is a shop famous for their unique flavors, cookies, and homemade waffle cones. Walking in line, I was surprised at how fast it went. In a span of about ten minutes, I had already reached the inside of the small store and I could witness where “the magic” happened. Although there were no spots for sitting, the shop had an airy feel with a purposeful line and plenty of standing space. There was a glass counter with a variety of cookies meant to accompany the ice cream. With cartons labeled with a variety of unique flavors, I was instantly appeased by the "mango with warm sticky rice" ice cream. Being more of a savory eater, one of my favorite desserts is a scoop of mango ice cream with warm sticky rice. This is a popular native Thailand dish that is usually served after meals. I was very curious to try it out and see if it could compete with the authentic dish.

Criticisms and Thoughts

The ordering process was fairly simple, with friendly and efficient service. I only had to wait about two minutes for my friend and I’s desserts to come out. While I had a more savory dessert, my friend ordered the summer special: the lychee raspberry. Both were incredible. The mango sticky rice ice cream was cool and refreshing. It melted on the mouth and complemented the perfectly warm (but not hot) rice. The lychee rosewater had a tint of rose which I adored. I’m always one to get rose flavored bubble teas, macaroons, and I guess now it had come down to ice cream. It was delightful. These ice creams brought a craving for ice cream, and I ended up finishing my cup in about two minutes.


Overall, I would definitely visit this restaurant again. The ice cream was relatively affordable, and it was definitely worth every penny. In the future, I’d like to try more of their flavors such as ‘London Fog’ and ‘Thank You Very Matcha'.