1. Pimm's Good

Audrey McGuff

Pimm's has some of the best carbonara in Rome. The rich sauce is seasoned generously with pepper and topped with crispy bits of pancetta. Every day people are gathered at the small tables outside enjoying the scenery of Rome.

2. Pasta e Vino

Looking for fresh homemade pasta in Trastevere? Try Pasta e Vino's pomodoro pasta, made with fresh tomatoes and basil, or the creamy pesto sauce. Passing by this restaurant, you will see kids gathered in the window watching as chefs knead pasta dough and fold it into sheets. Customers can choose their own pasta from fettuccine, gnocchi, ravioli, tagliolini, and spaghettoni, and top it with their sauce of choice.

3. Gelateria La Romana

After a good plate of pasta, gelato is the perfect treat. The secret to the best gelato in Italy is the gelato shops where you can't see the gelato through clear glass. Rather, the gelato is kept fresh at Gelateria La Romana in metal containers with lids. Their gelato has been made fresh daily since 1947, such as their flavor "Cream." Cream is a twist on vanilla gelato made with vanilla extract and a bit of lemon zest. Top off your gelato with chocolate sauce or homemade whipped cream and be on your way to the Pantheon.

4. Tonnarello

With a line always around the corner (sometimes two), Tonnarello is a popular spot for homemade pasta that does not disappoint. Their amatriciana is a must try, as well as their tiramisu.

5. Picos Taqueria & American Grill

From amazing fish tacos topped with chipotle mayo, to birria tacos, to mariachis on Fridays, Picos is the place to be. Serving up amazing appetizers like their carne asada nachos to great drinks; if you want to have a good time with friends, check out this hidden treasure in Trastevere.

6. Donkey Punch

Donkey Punch is the perfect sandwich shop if you want a quick and delicious bite to eat. They name their sandwiches after rock artists like ACDC and Led Zeppelin, and if you are feeling creative, they have the option to customize your own sandwich.

7. Antico Forno Roscioli

Since 1974, Roscioli has had some of the best pizza and focaccia Rome has to offer. Their marinara pizza is simple but delicious with their freshly baked pizza dough and a loving spread of marinara sauce, red pepper flakes, and olive oil.

8. Coffee Pot Trastevere

Unlike the name, this restaurant doesn't serve coffee, but rather a fusion of Japanese and Mexican food. From tacos de carne with sushi rice to focaccia topped with pico de gallo, this restaurant is every adventurous foodie's dream. Top off your order with amazing mochi and you're set.

9. Mammò Trastevere

Audrey McGuff

Mammos is an Italian take on classic American dishes. From delicious pancakes and bacon to their spicy chicken sandwich, Mammos is the place to be on a Sunday morning to study or on a Thursday night for a bite to go. 

10. WikiWiki

Audrey McGuff

Last but not least is WikiWiki, with their must try cacio e pepe and bruschetta. With their outdoor seating, take a chance to bask in the sun and watch the daily bustle of Trastevere.