It's THAT time of year again, Birthright registration for this summer is officially open! This means I get to give you all a taste at what the experience entails and write about some of the SABABA food destinations you'll definitely want to hit up during your meal breaks. So to all you future birthright go-ers and to all those planning trips to the holy land, get ready to explore an incredible place and to satisfy your tastebuds. Here are some of my favorite food spots in Israel:

1. Dr. Shakshuka (Tel Aviv)

This dish of eggs poached in a tomato and chili pepper sauce is typical Israeli, ya can't leave the place without having tried it. At Dr. Shakshuka you can have your dish just the way you like by adding some more veggies and of course pita on the side, Dr. Shakshuka is no MEDIoCre place ;).

2. Burgers Bar (Chain)

No, this isn't the type of bar you'll get turnt at but you WILL become a burger-holic after trying these. Also PSA when you're ordering your side of French fries say you want chips (that's what Israeli's call French fries).

3. Moshiko Falafel & Shawarma (Jerusalem)

There’s no feeling quite as delightful as the one you get when biting into a warm falafel; it truly is love at first bite. Like one would do with a burrito, you can fit plenty inside of a falafel and then have fun choosing which sauces to top it off with!

4. La La Land (Tel Aviv)

Talk about dining with a view...and not only any view but one of Tel Aviv's beautiful beach. There are a wide array of salads to choose from and lots of other options on the menu. Pro tip: try their Israeli salad it is AMAZING!

5. Café Café (Chain)

You can get just about anything at this lovely cafe; different types of sandwiches, eggs, pasta... you name it and it's probably there. A super cute spot located throughout Israel and the perfect place for a lunch break.

6. Tamara Yogurt (Tel Aviv)

There's no better way to beat Israel's heat than by cooling off with some frozen yogurt. Tamara is mainly known for their yogurt but they also have açai, smoothies, and ice pops. There are endless  toppings and sauces you can have fun picking from and the place is super trendy and has a cool swing-set.

7. Aldo (Chain)

You won't be walking out of here with a new pair of shoes, but you will sure be getting some top notch gelato. This is another great way to cool off because TRUST me on birthright the walking never ends and neither do the hikes.

8. Waffle Bar (Chain)

If you're like me and have a sweet tooth, this is definitely the place to go to. All you dessert fanatics will be thrilled as you indulge into Israel's best waffles. They vary in flavors from tiramisu to strawberry to Oreos and lots more.

9. Marzipan Bakery (Jerusalem)

The Israel experience isn't quite complete until you've eaten rugelachs, chocolate rolled in dough, at one of Jerusalem's best bakeries. Nothing is better than eating these when they're straight out of the oven...they will warm your heart.

10. Cofix (Chain)

Nothing is more important than getting your daily coFIX of iced caffé especially when you're on birthright since you barely get any sleep because of the constant touring, partying, and socializing. This 5 shekel iced caffé will freshen you up and by the end of your trip you'll have had many of these.

Everything on birthright is free except for the meals you go out for, so spend wisely my friends and have a wonderful experience. Until next time, SHALOM.