After a late night, scenic tour of the streets of Allston: T Anthony's Pizzeria

Zoe Ades

T Anthony's is reliable at any time, but it is especially a godsend on weekends. Located in West Campus, the smell of pizza grease paired with the loud music will give you a second wind as soon as you walk through the door. It's usually crowded, but you'll be drooling over your fries and pizza in no time. As a freshman, this is another way to meet people. After your first visit you're guaranteed to utter the words "Remember when we danced on the tables at T Anthony's?" 

When it's time for #brunch: The Breakfast Club

Zoe Ades

There is only one catch to this Allston fav: no reservations. The line is out the door during brunch time, but you should be seated in 30 minutes max. With old school diner decor, you'll feel like you're starring in an 80s rom com. However, when you snap back to reality it won't be a rude awakening. For fans of the film, order anything from the Library Specials (as they are named The Princess, The Basket Case etc.). As a soon-to-be-star of your Instagram, the shakes are delish and you won't find unique options for eggs benedict anywhere else. 

When you want something healthy and quick: sweetgreen

Zoe Ades

Let me just tell you that sweetgreen is a beautiful thing. You'll feel like a city adult when you lay out the 10 bucks for a salad, but once you do you'll wonder how you ever lived so long without one. This is not your "big night out on the town" kind of place. It's quick and casual, and the ingredients are fresh. They even have a list on the wall of where everything comes from. Plus they're allergy friendly. 

When you want that #foodporn insta: Boston Burger Co.

Zoe Ades

Only a little less famous than Manhattan's Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, it is impossible to look at the beautiful mess above without a mouth watering reaction. If someone says to you "bananas and bacon," the likely response is "no thank you." But, Boston Burger Co. takes that negativity and turns it into an enthusiastic "yes please." Of course, the food in their name is not to be overlooked. With burgers such as "The 420," serving up fried mac & cheese, bacon, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fries, cheddar cheese, and barbecue sauce, you'll leave with your stomach pushing so hard on the button of your jeans it might pop off. It'll be a happy pop though.   

When it's the indecisive group's big night out on the town: Tiger Mama

Tiger Mama. It's delicious. Just go. The way it works is that you order a bunch of plates for the table to share. They are GREAT with gluten allergies, so your celiac friends don't need to sweat when they go out to dinner with you. You can't go wrong with anything you order here, but I would especially nudge you towards the sweet potatoes. Feast away.

When you need a diner fix: Twin Donuts

Chris Fethke

The inside of Twin Donuts is one that only a mother could love. With a basic diner decor, it is all about the food--exactly what Spooners love to hear. It's just great diner food. The eggs tasted as they should, and not like they came out of a bag (yes, Mr. Dining Hall I'm talking to you). It's quick, cheap, and you can show up in sweatpants. 

When you want to go somewhere delicious and under the radar: Hojoko

Zoe Ades

So I had heard about Hojoko a little bit before the official chow time, but the meal left me with one question: why isn't it the talk of the town??? Located in the trendy hotel, The Verb, in Back Bay, I can definitively say that this was the best meal I've ever had. One dish was truly more delicious than the next. Do you know how everyone says that edamame is protein? But every time you pop one of those soybeans into your mouth you disagree? This edamame tasted like the real stuff. I have no idea what I've been eating my whole life, but going back just feels so wrong. The picture above is (gluten free!!) fried shrimp. It was glorious.