So you're done with your dinner date, and now you and your significant other are walking around Tucson. Shouldn't you complement that ambiance with a quiet, sit down ice creamery? Tucson is known for being artistic, affordable, and unique. So naturally there have to be tons of great ice cream options in the town. These are my personal picks for the top five ice cream date spots in Tucson. 

1. Hub Ice Cream Factory

This is by far the most popular ice cream spot in Tucson. Being super close to student housing and downtown, it's definitely one of the most frequented joints. Known for its delicious ice cream, the Hub is a joint with a clean, classic seating. This should be on everyone's bucket list when visiting Tucson. 

2. Isabella's Ice Cream

This is my personal favorite. With an 'antique car' functioning as an ice cream service booth, and old fashioned seating, this is the perfect place to stop by after a nice meal. Friendly staff and a quiet atmosphere is something I scope out for when choosing a cute ice cream date spot. If you're stuck on deciding what to order, the lavender vanilla is one of my favorites.

3. The Screamery

If you are looking to surprise your date with new, unique flavors, look no farther. The Screamery is a charming ice cream stop with grass-fed cows and no chemicals in the desserts. With a colorful, artistic hue, this is definitely a trendy place to check out. If you are looking for a more memorable date, take your significant other here.

4. Pistacchio Gelato Naturale Italiano

Located in a marketplace of goods and treats, this modern ice cream shop is notorious for its gourmet flavors of gelato. With new, fun flavors and an intimate ambiance, this shop has been described as, "a great date wrap up location." (google reviews) Not only is the gelato made with a traditional recipe, but it is provided in decent serving sizes. 

5. Tazzina Di Gelato

So maybe you've tried all the options above, and you're feeling like trying an underrated ice cream cone. This is perfect for you! With friendly staff, you are sure to pick out the right flavors with all the samples and suggestions. However, make sure to taste out the cult favorite: salted caramel. 

So what are you waiting for? Hit up your girlfriend, cute classmate, or homie and adventure with them to the nearest ice cream stop! It's time to get sweet and silly.