Those that know me will tell you that I am addicted to iced coffee. Since I drink about two or three a day, I thought I would spread my wisdom by creating this article to share what I believe to be the best places to get iced coffee near McGill campus. Yes, most of the good places are in the Plateau, but I have managed to find a few keepers. 

Check out these places before the Montreal winter weather hits, unless you are a year-round iced coffee drinker like me. In that case, cheers!

1. Cafe Castel

If you are a McGill student you probably know about or have been to Cafe Castel at some point. Not only is this spot pretty much on campus, it has good coffee and food at relatively cheap prices. My go to is the iced latte paired with a chocolate croissant (you're welcome).

2. Cafe Humble Lion

Yes I know, this is an obvious favourite for a lot of McGill students. But for those of you that haven't been there or have not tried their iced latte, you are seriously missing out. It is a little bit on the pricier side, but if you are feeling like treating yourself, trust me - it's worth it. Just a warning, there is very limited seating, so go at a weird time if you want to sit and study. 

3. Indigo Cafe

This cafe is a hidden gem located on the second floor of Indigo on McGill College. It is a little bit of a walk but the payoff is definitely there. I highly recommend the iced vanilla latte but you can't go wrong with the cold brew. The pricing is on the higher side, but it correlates with the high quality of the coffee. I love studying at this spot; sometimes it can be hard to find a seat, but it is usually pretty quiet. 

4. Cafe Spoon

Seriously guys, the iced coffee here is bomb. It is also a little bit of a walk from campus (like Indigo) but it is so good. The cafe has such a cute atmosphere for studying and is somehow never busy (I really don't understand why). This is where you will find me cramming during the winter months.

5. Leaves Cafe

To all the vegans, don't worry - I got you. If you are a coffee lover, you have probably already been to Leaves but I still had to include it since their iced almond milk latte is so good. I know this cafe is also a ways away from campus, but if you are a dedicated iced coffee drinker like me, you are probably willing to walk for it.

Somehow, Montreal is still outrageously hot so I guess posting an article about iced coffee at the end of September is acceptable. Lets take advantage of this never ending summer weather and have our coffee iced. Honestly, my favourite part about this weather is that iced coffee season is prolonged. Getting that look from the barista in the dead of winter when you just want an iced cappuccino is not fun.