Brunch is no joke when it's Saturday morning and you are just waking up from a long night out. What is your plan of attack? Are you trying to cure your hangover, or are you trying to rally because the party just started? As a breakfast enthusiast, I have scoured the city to find the top 5 brunch spots near the University of Cincinnati. My goal is to ensure that your weekend is full of mouth-watering meals that have the potential to save your life

5.  Sleepy Bee Cafe—Oakley

The Sleepy Bee Cafe is ranked number five on my list of the top 5 brunch spots near the University of Cincinnati. It is a quaint little cafe that is located just a ten minute drive north of the university. It has a lot of vegan and vegetarian options that cater to those who enjoy more organic eats.

4. Keystone—Calhoun Street

Keystone Bar and Grill has quite a few delectable breakfast options. Some of my favorite things about this menu are the gooey breakfast mac and cheese, pancakes that consume the entire plate, and fluffy french toast. This restaurant offers an array of mimosa flavors including original, mango, strawberry, guava, AND peach.

3. Ladder 19—Vine Street

slaw, rice, avocado, mango, spinach, tacos, salad
Renee Marinez

Ladder 19 offers an affordable menu and killer deals during brunch. Ladder is the place to be for game day festivities. The bar-restaurant environment is very lively and there are enough TVs to view every big game going on that day. This breakfast spot offers bottomless bloody Marys and mimosas from 11 am-3 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

2. Hang Over Easy—West Charlton Street

Hang Over Easy is number two on my list top 5 brunch spots near UC. It always seems to have a line out the door, and I definitely understand why. This restaurant offers key brunch dishes that will be sure to cure your hangover like the massive chocolate chip pancakes, Dirty Sanchez breakfast burrito, and the endless list of juicy burgers. It is a great spot to gather with groups. The menu is diverse and the portions are very generous

1. Taste of Belgium—Vine Street

My top brunch choice of the top 5 brunch spots near the University of Cincinnati is Taste of Belgium. It has several locations throughout the city. The location closest to campus is just on Vine Street. The reason T.O.B. is number one on my list is because the coffee refills are endless, it caters to every dietary restriction, the portions aren't overwhelming, and it's a wonderful environment for families. The environment is warm and inviting, and the large, full length windows offer a lot of natural light. One of my favorite options on the menu is the mocha frappe. It's a necessity, especially if you're in need of a caffeine boost or a suffering from a sore throat.