Don’t get me wrong, I love Quesada as much as much the next person, but once the remainder of my first year flex dollars ran out I was faced with the harsh reality that I simply could not validate spending 10$ on a lunch that was bound to leave me feeling that odd combination of content and self loathing that only Quesada can. Tasked with the challenge of finding new lunch options, I found a few eateries I wish I had discovered long ago.

1. Vua


Photo courtesy of Vua Sandwiches

Nestled on the corner of Robert-Bourassa and President Kennedy, Vua offers high quality modern Asian fare at an astonishingly low price. Pair one of their mouth watering sandwiches with a bubble tea or fruit smoothie.

Honorable Mention: 7 inch spicy grilled chicken bahn mi with a small iced coffee.

2. Namaste Montreal


Photo courtesy of MTL Blog

If by some cruel trick of fate there aren’t any ‘moses on campus and you’ve got a hankering, this hole in the wall on Milton is the place for you. Their freshly made curries are cheap, delicious, and will keep you warm on any frigid Montreal day.

Honorable Mention: Samosas and a butter chicken combo.

3. Copper Branch


Photo courtesy of Copper Branch

Perfect for the vegetarian and vegans out there, this power food, plant based, eatery will give your brain and body the perfect mid-day boost. On the corner of Maisonneuve and Robert-Bourassa, Copper Branch is only a quick walk from campus.

Honorable Mention: The Shiitake Teriyaki Burger and the Organic Quinoa Chilli.

4. Freshii 


Photo courtesy of Freshii

Squirreled away in the back of Yogurtys on Parc, Freshii is the healthy fast food option you’ve been missing. Offering either pre-set or build-your-own options you will walk out emulating their ‘Eat. Energize’ motto. Just to sweeten the deal, Freshii offers daily 5$ specials for students.

Honorable Mention: Baja burrito with chicken and a custom quinoa bowl.

5. Falafel Avenue


Photo courtesy of Montreall

Conveniently located beside Vua, Falafel Avenue puts an innovative twist on this traditional Middle Eastern dish by offering four different types of falafel, and different sauces. Falafel Avenue opens your mind up to flavor combinations you never knew you were deprived of.

Honorable Mention: Pita with melty falafel and spicy sauce.

6. Anton and James 


Photo courtesy of Yelp

While the eight minute trek to Stanley may seem unnecessary, the delicious grub at this ‘urban cafeteria’ will change your mind. With a diverse and delicious menu bosting salads, sandwiches, and pizzas for great prices you will fall in love with Anton and James.

Honorable Mention: Côte d’Azur Salad and the Wild Mushroom et Goat Cheese Sandwich.

7. Cafe Parvis


Photo courtesy of Cafe Parvis

This adorable cafe kills two birds with one stone; it gives you an amazing meal while also being your newest go to study spot. Sitting under hanging plants you’ll be able to indulge in amazing chai lattes and pizzas, a winning combination in my book.

Honorable Mention: Duck pizza or chickpea salad.