As Los Angeles natives, we have always known about the Food Truck initiative throughout SoCal. However, after moving to the NoHo (North Hollywood) area, we discovered a Food Truck Collective that is a hidden gem.

Every Thursday evening, at the North Hollywood Library, on the corner of Tujunga and Magnolia, all the best Food Trucks in the Los Angeles area gather for a collective that is quintessentially Los Angeles.

Food Truck

Photo courtesy of @thefoodtruckcollective on Instagram

At the NoHo Food Truck Collective, there is a Food Truck for everyone. It is a weekly celebration of the diversity in cuisines and culture that exists in Los Angeles. This weekly event brings different communities in Los Angeles together through amazing food.

1. Blast Ice Cream

Food Truck

Photo courtesy of Blast Ice Cream on Facebook

Blast Ice Cream has to be one of the best things to try at the Food Truck Collective. First of all, their truck is so cute. It is decked out in flowers and cute girly cartoons. The truck features really unique Ice Cream flavors and uses Frozen Liquid Nitrogen to make each treat made to order. Some of their menu items vary; however, when we went we loved the What The …? Featuring Strawberry Ice Cream, Balsamic Glaze, and Goat Cheese topping. Definitely, a truck to try!

2. The Pudding Truck

Food Truck

Photo Courtesy of The Pudding Truck on Facebook

Another fabulous dessert option that you can find at the NoHo Food Truck Collective is The Pudding Truck. We tried The Pudding Truck’s Banana Pudding which was absolutely incredible. It came with vanilla wafer cookies and whipped cream, there were even chunks of banana in there (it was really rich). Our friends tried the Vegan Chocolate Pudding which was almost as good (if not better than the regular). A treat you can share but you must try it! You won’t find gourmet desert like The Pudding Truck anywhere else in Los Angeles.

3. The Lobos Truck

Food Truck

Photo courtesy of The Lobos Truck on Facebook

The Lobos Truck is a mixture of Mexicali and comfort food. When we went we split the Spicy Mac and the Loaded Wachos. CAUTION the Spicy Mac does not lie about it’s spice. We love Mac and Cheese with a drizzle of hot sauce so we totally thought the Spicy Mac would be a perfect. It was a touch too spicy, but if you can handle the heat I’d def go for it. The WACHOS were SO good we were practically fighting over them.

4. Vchos Truck

Food Truck

Photo courtesy of @thefoodtruckcollective on Instagram

One word: “Pupusas”. This Truck usually has one of the longest lines at The Food Truck Collective. Probably because what Californian does not love Pupusas? This is the first and only Pupusa truck in all of Los Angeles! They have 9 different Pupusa options on their menu, and it comes with the salsa and Curtido (Salvadorian Sauerkraut/Cabbage Salad) to put on top. Their Pupusas are incredible and priced very well. Vchos Truck also has an awesome selection of different tapas on their menu that are totally worth trying. For desert you have to try the mouthwatering Platano Empanada that mysteriously tastes like french toast. Basically, it’s an empanada filled with a sweet plantain with a ton of sugar. Your taste buds are going to go crazy.

5. The Middle Feast Food Truck

Food Truck

Photo courtesy of @themiddlefeast on Instagram

The Middle Feast Food Truck won the Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network, so that means it has to be good. This is the best damn Falafel we have ever had in our 23 years on earth. No exaggeration. We crave this Falafel all the time. It is authentic, the quality is incredible, and they are so friendly. We can not even put into words the flavor their Falafel sandwich has. You just have to go try it.

6. Seoul Sausage Company

Food Truck

Photo courtesy of Seoul Sausage Company on Facebook

You’ll also get the chance to try another winner from The Food Truck Race, Seoul Sausage. This SoCal original started its first trek of the Food Truck Race over on Mid-Wilshire and it brought the house down. Their success is clearly because of their amazing passion for their cuisine. When we saw this truck at the NoHo Collective we were SO excited to try it because I heard of its amazing reputation. The only mistake we made was only getting one sausage.

7. The Grilled Cheese Truck

Food Truck

Photo courtesy @drea_higgenz on instagram

This truck is the ultimate throwback to your favorite childhood food. The Grilled Cheese Truck takes the most basic sandwich to another level. From French Onion Melt Grilled Cheese to Sun-Dried Tomato with Goat Cheese. You’ll have the option to choose from six different kinds of cheese and six different sandwiches. And for dessert, Nutella S’More Melt! We all want to feel like a kid again.

8. Jogasaki Burrito

Food Truck

Photo courtesy of Jogasaki Sushiburrito on Facebook

This is the best place to try if you are up for the new fad that is sweeping Southern Cali. Who doesn’t like sushi and burritos? The combo of both together? What is this madness? But hey, somehow this works and people really love it. It’s almost like a big hand roll but better. Jogasaki does this new modern twist justice. Their spicy tuna is off the chain. If you like your food really spicy, they have a Jalapeno Bomb: a jalapeno stuffed with spicy tuna drizzled in eel sauce and fried. (yum)

9. Ridges Churro Bar

Food Truck

Photo courtesy of Yenny D. on Yelp

Last but certainly not least is Ridges Churro Bar. This was a crazy hit the last time we went to the Food Truck Collective, probably because of Los Angeles summer weather. Every single person at the event was in line for one of these at some point. This is a combination of two fan favorites: churros and ice cream. They have uniquely flavored churros. Their most popular churro would have to be the Fruity Pebbles. Who doesn’t love a churro covered in sugary cereal with ice cream and yogurt as a base? This is exactly what childhood dreams are made of.

Food Truck

Photo courtesy of @thefoodtruckcollective via Instagram

The NoHo Food Truck Collective is the place to be on a Thursday Night. From 5:30pm-9:30pm you have plenty of time to go relax and try SO many different types of food. Enjoy the live DJ set they have for you and then you can dance it all off with your friends!