The dream is over and reality has hit us hard. The truth is that we are all, young, dumb and broke. So given below are 8 cheap thrills in north campus you will want to escape to, this even semester. 

1. Chalte Firte

Divya Bajaj

Located in the basement of the busy streets of Kamla Nagar. It is a must visit for momo lovers. They have a vast menu reserved for momos. From afgani to chinjabi you will find it all. They have a well lit and crazy ambiance. They also serve pizzas, mocktails, fries and burgers. The best part is that it is light on the pocket and one of our favorite cheap thrill in North Campus.

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2. Vaishno Chaat Bhandaar

Serving Indian delicates at its best, Vaishno chaat bhandaar is the best place you will want to rush to when you crave authentic Indian street food. This shop has been here for generations and need no further mention of the charm that it leaves on your taste buds.

3. Chowringhee

Kartik Gupta

Hands down one of the best place to have a filling meal. They are famous for their rolls and have both veg and non veg rolls. The filling is generously used and is served with our favorite mint chutney. It is a paise-vasool place with rolls starting with just INR 40. *Jumps with joy*

4. Kake Di Hatti

Head to this famous hatti if a full scrumptious meal is what you crave. Enjoy Indian dishes with nikka, baby or kake size naans. The taste does not have a better match. Try their special thali for INR 195 which is more than enough for 2 people.

5. Hunger Strike

The famous momo abode has found its way in the North Campus town. Serving noodles, chinjabi food, rolls, chaps and of course momos. Hunger strike matches the level of its name. You just cannot resit the lipsmaking food they serve. Also the rates are a delight to the pocket.

6. Bistro 57

Dimple Hotchandani

It is cutesy little spot inside a street of kamla nagar. They serve the best shakes, coffee, and coolers at a very pocket friendly price. Their garlic bread and pizza are super duper hit. Everything ranges between 60-150 pucks. The service is quick and drinks taste like food heavens. A must visit for coffee lovers.

7. Bille Di Hatti

Drown in the euphoria of hot and crispy puri chole at this popular junction located near North Campus. Coupled with thick and creamy lassi, it becomes an unbeatable combination. The perfect hangout spot for some cheap thrill and starting off your day with a bang.

8. Stack 9

Dimple Hotchandani

This cutesy café surely deserves a visit if both your pocket and you are crushed under the glam of high profile eating joints budding in North campus. They serve a variety of dishes from Italian to Chinese.One can try their pocket friendly combos and munch away thy sorrows.Their speciality is kurkure momosss,cocktail pasta,cheese club burger.This outlet offers great value for money.

Hope these will satiate your broke soul and always hungry heart. Don't forget to tag your friends and share the love.