Late-nighting is a term we college students are all too familiar with. Whether you’re up late cramming for a test, about to go home from a night downtown or in the middle of a movie marathon with friends, around midnight we all get those same cravings.

Sweet or salty, it’s got to be satisfied ASAP. Athens can become a late night haven if you just know where to go.

1. The Grill

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This 24-hour diner will never disappoint. The Grill is sure to fix any burger, milkshake or French fry craving. Their famous feta fries are enough to make any late-nighter go weak in the knees. Nothing can really compare to this Athens staple.  

2. Lay-Z Shopper

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Lay-Z Shopper and their buffalo chicken subs hold a special place in my heart. This convenience store/sandwich shop offers almost anything your stomach could want. Quick, cheap and delicious, Lay-Z Shopper often has a long line of hungry college students and for a good reason.

3. Little Italy

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If you are looking for that perfect slice of pizza, Little Italy is the answer to your prayers. This downtown spot has some of the best pizza in Athens and is any late nighter’s dream.

4. Barberitos

Sometimes all you need is chips and a big bowl of cheese dip to satisfy those late night cravings. Barberitos is conveniently located downtown and is the perfect pit stop before you head home from a night out.

5. Eat Hibachi

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There’s nothing quite like a big bowl of chicken fried rice smothered in yellow sauce at 2 am. Even better when its only 5 bucks.

6. Insomnia Cookies

Everyone has a sweet tooth and what better way to satisfy it than with a cookie ice-cream sandwich? They make almost any type of cookie you could possibly desire at 2 am, so there’s really no reason not to treat yourself. Lucky for us Athenians, Insomnia delivers too.

7. Five Guys

Five Guys is the burger joint everyone knows and loves. I’m a personal fan of the free peanuts and at times it’s almost impossible to resist the smells of fries wafting through downtown Athens.

Still hungry? Here are a few more ways to satisfy your late night munchies: