Turning 21 opens up a whole new world of fun, and it’s absolutely amazing. Being in a college town like Fort Collins, you can definitely find fun things to do that don’t involve drinking, buuuttt it’s a hell of a lot more fun when you’re 21 (sorry ‘bout it). So, here are the top 6 places to drink in Fort Collins when you turn 21.

I’m writing this for all you freshly turned 21ers or people who are just now getting into the Fort Collins drinking scene. So listen up!

New Belgium Brewing:

I know this may be a no-brainer but let me explain why New Belgium is so great.

First of all, I want you to know that I’m not a beer-lover (gasp!), but this is a town that loves their beer, so I do my best.

Second of all, New Belgium brews all of their beers here in Fort Collins and they do a hell of a job! If you can get on a FREE tour here, be ready to have at least six samples of different beers that they brew. It’s a great way to find out what beers you do and don’t like. Also, If you haven’t tried CSU’s beer, the Old Aggie Lager… GO TRY IT!

The third reason you should go is for their beautiful patio and lawn area where you can sit around and enjoy life (and beer). Oh, and in addition to their amazing beer, they often have local food trucks around for when you crave a little something.

Definitely come here with a group of friends and enjoy what this company has to offer.

Town Pump:

You might not see this place on most lists, but it’s truly a must-go. Town Pump is one of the first bars in Fort Collins, making it a classic.

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Kirby Barth

Although the bar is relatively small, they have quick drinks and shots so that you’re in and out in no time. Make sure to bring cash and order their infamous Jell-O shots!

Lucky Joe's:

Two words: Free Peanuts.

This place is a little different than the other places I’ve listed. The free peanuts, coffee bombs, and live band give this place a relaxed, but enjoyable environment.

Get ready to scarf down some free peanuts after you take a couple car bomb shots. But, also prepare yourself to be covered in peanuts shells as you're leaving – it’s a give and take process.

Bondi Beach Bar:

Okay, here it is. For all you dance-y and club-y people out there, this is THE place to go for decent drink deals and a lit dance floor.

Bondi is a place to go a little later in the evening and has a DJ running the music and hyping up the dance floor. Thursday nights are the best deal nights, but they still beat prices at other bars on Friday and Saturday.

Have fun pop-lock and droppin' it at Bondi.


For all you fancy, sophisticated people out there who don’t really love the club scene, Social is the place for you. Be ready to splurge a little more with their prices, but also be ready to have some of the most intricate drinks of your life!

Social offers upscale drinks that include sprigs of rosemary and unique combinations of flavors, along with classic drinks such as an old fashion.

Social also serves extraordinary food items on their menu. Although these plates of food are probably not as filling as you would like, they sure don’t stray away from amazing.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop:

On the west side of campus, you’ll run into this great fast-food Mexican restaurant where they have all the margaritas, beers, and beeritas you could wish for.

When you bring a big group to Fuzzy’s, I recommend trying their iconic fishbowl that is guaranteed to be bigger than your face. This drink is definitely something you have to try at least once. Just make sure to have at least three 21 and overs with you or, else you won’t be able to try this massive drink.

Although I've supplied you with the top 6 places to drink at when you turn 21 in Fort Collins, please drink responsibly and DO NOT attempt to visit all of these places in one night. I do insist you at least give each place a try though.