Patiala is a city known for it's cultural heritage. But in these times it is also known as the best place to invest in by the maketeers owing to the humongous student crowd in patiala. As the result, the foodie in me is satisfied to the brink, especially when it comes to satisfy my sweet tooth with the amazing dessert places in patiala. Here is my list of the most delicious sweet delicacies to be found in Patiala:

1) Banoffee pie at TBE

The Brew Estate(TBE) apart from it's freshly brewed beer also serves this amazing dessert, something to die for. This is hands down the best banoffee pie in patiala.

Aman Arora

2) Red velvet jar at the coffee bar

The newest addition to the Patiala food market is The Coffee Bar (situated right beside Tanishq store at Bhupindra road, you're welcome!) and their amazing menu. This red velvet along with their coffee is a match made in heaven!

tiramisu, cream, chocolate, cake
Shreya Kanungo

3) Ice creams from Havmor

Summer bells are ringing ! This is the best time to enjoy ice creams, and what more than an amazing menu of ice creams? From cookie ice cream sandwich to black forest pastry ice cream, cassata to swiss temptation, oh they have it all( and much more!)

Midnight Kitchen  Blueberry Hill Ice Cream Sandwich 20060808-01

roland on Flickr

4) Molten lava cake and cookies from boston bites

Apart with the oh so cheesy pizza, boston bites also serves this melt-in-the-mouth lava cake. Their chocolate cookies are also something to relish, go try!

5) Cookies from subway

Not putting this on the list would've been a shame! They are as timeless as titanic. They come in 3 different flavors, my favorite being the double chocolate cookie. Haven't tried yet? What are you waiting for!

butter, chips, cookie, chocolate
Collette Block

6) Dry cake from verma bakery

One of the oldest bakery in patiala, verma bakery has still maintained it's reputation by serving amazing bakery stuff along with this must try walnut chocolate dry cake. Have a birthday to go to? What better than this as the birthday gift!

vegetable, rice
Shreya Kanungo

If you have tried them already, you are the sweetest person ever. If not, go ahead!

Life is short, eat dessert first!