There are not many things better than sitting around a table with your best friends on a Sunday morning, recapping the events from the night before and nursing your hangover by eating your favorite breakfast foods.

If you’re anything like me, I can’t fully embrace my friend’s funny stories until I have food in my stomach. Luckily for those who just don’t think the dining halls fulfill this necessity, we’ve scoped out the top 5 breakfast places around Colby to cure your Sunday morning hangover.

1. Jorgenson’s


Photo by Amelia Patsalos-Fox

Located right in Waterville, Jorgenson’s is convenient and delicious. Their breakfast burrito filled with beans, eggs, cheese, salsa and your choice of meat is a must-have. However, you can never go wrong with their bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel or croissant.

Whoever introduced croissants to the breakfast sandwich family, I thank you.

2. Purple Cow


Photo by Kelly Gibney

Banana chocolate chip pancakes, YES PLEASE. Only 10 minutes from campus, Purple Cow is the perfect place to load up on your favorite breakfast foods. Whether you’re a fan of eggs, sandwiches, muffins, French toast or pancakes, they have it all.

Purple Cow’s menu is extensive with items ranging from a simple (but delicious) blueberry muffin to very sizeable pancakes filled with fruit, chocolate or even meat!

The décor of the restaurant will not leave you bored either. Purple Cow’s walls are lined with old-time signs and posters so that when conversation gets a little dull, there’s always something to keep you busy (if you’ve already inhaled the food on your plate, of course).

3. Early Bird


Photo by Alison Levitt

Early Bird is a go-to when you’re hangry (hungry and angry) and if you have to wait any longer for food you might just pass out. The service is quick, the food is yummy, and everything on the menu is perfect for a college kid’s budget.

You can’t go wrong with any egg dish and their pancakes are fabulous too. However, their grilled muffins (I recommend blueberry) will have your mouth watering for hours after your meal. They are top-notch so please do yourself a favor and order one… or four.

4. Eric’s Restaurant


Photo by Nina Oleynik

If you want to kick back with a mimosa after that fun Saturday night, Eric’s is your place. Great service, great food, and perfect lighting so that all of us foodies can see what we’re about to indulge in.

If you’re a lover of all things eggs, enjoy their avocado eggs benedict (because avocado makes the world go ‘round) or add some spice to your life with their spicy French toast… yum.

5. Riverside


Photo by Nina Oleynik

Miss those warm winter cabin days with your friends and family? Look no further for some relief, Riverside is here. A warm, cozy atmosphere with a fresh wood scent accompanies wholesome and delicious food.

Whether you’re in the mood for a bagel and lox or the Riverside Benedict with Canadian bacon, there is something on the menu for you.