Inman Park is one of my favorite areas in Atlanta. Not only is the food amazing, but it is a great place to walk around and explore. Going to Inman Park on a weekend night is always super fun thanks to the lively environment. They have great options for whatever you're looking for, whether that's dinner, drinks, or dessert. Here is a list of my five favorite restaurants in Inman Park.

#1: Barcelona Wine Bar

At the top of my list is one of my all-time favorite Atlanta restaurants. Barcelona has two Atlanta locations, but the Inman Park location is my favorite. It is a classic tapas restaurant with amazing food and a great vibe. I highly recommend the paella, patatas bravas, and burrata. Additionally, if you are over 21, they have a wide variety of wines and sangria pitchers. I recommend going with a group of friends and sharing a bunch of the tapas amongst yourselves. 

#2: Fritti

As someone who has celiac and eats gluten-free, it is hard for me to find good gluten-free pizza in Atlanta. However, Fritti has one of my favorite selections. Fritti offers a wide variety of salads and pizzas. My personal favorite is the Robiola e Pesto pizza.

Fritti has both indoor and outdoor porch seating and always provides a lively and fun environment to enjoy dinner with friends. The pizza is super delicious and is one of my staples for a great gluten-free meal. 

#3: Delbar

Delbar is one of the restaurants that has been on my bucket list for a while now, and I finally got to try it for the first time recently. This Middle Eastern restaurant offers a great selection of meats, spreads, and small bites.

The food is amazing, and the atmosphere is dim and sophisticated. They also now offer a brunch menu. I enjoyed the Joojeh Kabob as well as the Adas Polo. I also would highly recommend the hummus and other dips with raw vegetables. 

#4: Bartaco

Bartaco is one of my easiest go-to restaurants. I always enjoy going to the Inman Park location because the service is reliable and quick. However, they do have a few other locations around the Atlanta area that are also really good.

I love getting one Spiced Chicken Verde taco and one Cauliflower taco, but they have all different types of tacos to try out. I also always order chips and guac to start with! Additionally, Bartaco has a great assortment of sides, notably their street corn. And, if you are old enough to drink, they have their classic Bartaco margarita.  

#5: Bread and Butterfly

Finally, one of my favorite restaurants that I have tried in Inman Park is Bread and Butterfly. This European-inspired restaurant is known for its gorgeous interior including its green walls and patio seating. This is a beautiful spot to enjoy a Saturday morning brunch, and the food is incredible.

I enjoyed an omelet with a side of crispy potatoes (and an iced coffee, of course). My friend who I went with got the pancake and also thoroughly enjoyed her meal. Everything was amazing, and I cannot wait to return back soon.

Do you agree with my list? What are your favorite Inman Park restaurants? Let me know if you have any recommendations for me to try!