Are you sick of the dining hall food, lazy to cook, or are you tired of eating cup of noodles everyday? Well, you can get authentic Mexican food here in Riverside as close as 5 miles away from campus.

Beans, Rice, Carne Asada tacos… Miss it? I know right?

Here is a list of the top 5 authentic Mexican food in Riverside.

1. El Fogon- Rating:4.6


Cuz’ who doesn’t like tacos?

$1 SoftTacos on Tuesdays & Hard Shell Tacos on Thursdays.

2. El Habanero (not to mistake with Habanero’s on campus)- Rating:4.5


They are known for their Salsa Verde (Green Sauce) Are you not convinced yet? Well Yelp Reviewer commented, “Life-Changing Food”.

 3. Zacatecas Cafe -Rating:4.3


Have you tried Mole before? NO? Well you got to try it.

“I will cross deserts. I will swim oceans. I will drive the 91 through Corona…just to find you again, my sweet sweet Zacatecas Mole”.- Yelp Reviewer

Oh and don’t forget dessert.

4. Jilibertos-Rating:3.9


Everyone comes for the Carne Asada Fries… Bet it’s delicious.

Craving Carne Asada fries now?

5. Tio’s Tacos Restaurant: Rating:3.5


Not only will you enjoy mouthwatering food but you will be in an atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. You will be able to explore a half acre of amazing and unique gardens created entirely from recycled objects.