Usually marked by the presence of everything pumpkin spice, fall has arrived, bringing an end to a summer of bumming on the beach. While this past season was branded as the summer of road trips, the lure of the road does not have to fade away with the arrival of crunchy leaves and pumpkin patches. In fact, the fall is a perfect time to hit the road and appreciate everything foodie the country has to offer. Here are four destinations you can set your sights on this fall for your foodie road trip.

1. New York State

The streets of New York City are lined with Jewish delis, bustling bagel shops, and late night pizzerias, an amalgam of food heaven. Must-eat destinations include Katz’s Delicatessen, a Jewish deli staple in the Lower East Side, serving only the largest portions of pastrami and corned beef, among other mouthwatering favorites like matzoh ball soup and, my personal favorite, potato knishes. Feeling something sweet? Head over to E 16th to Breads Bakery where the enticing smells pull in passerbys by the horde. Breads Bakery is well known for their chocolate babka, a sweet and buttery treat.

After taking in the tourist sights, the Taconic State Highway awaits. With expansive views of the Appalachian Mountain Range, there are plenty of exits along the way that are sure to offer tons of delicious options. The Taconic Orchards in Hudson offer plentiful apples ripe for picking, while Babette’s Kitchen in Millbrook offers farm-to-table scratch cooking, sourced directly from neighboring farms.

2. Louisiana

Louisiana’s Cajun and Creole roots shine through in its cuisine, offering a wide variety of options that can be located throughout the state. The best way to appreciate this cuisine is through the frequently traveled Bayou Country trail. Particularly known for their seafood dishes, Louisiana restaurants are bursting with a flavor that is unique only to their area. Arguably the most well known city in the state, New Orleans is home to the classic beignets from Cafe du Monde as well as crawfish boils from Schaefer Seafood.

Stepping outside of New Orleans, Abears Cafe in Houma is famous for their catfish dishes. Further down the trail, Cafe Vermilionville in Lafayette is home to arguably the best alligator tenderloin in the state. While Hurricane Ida severely impacted the Louisiana region, the resilient state is bouncing back with its plethora of mom and pop restaurants still serving southern home cooking.

3. Kentucky

While Kentucky may not be on many people’s radars, it certainly should be if they are of drinking age. Kentucky is home to the best bourbon distilleries in the world. Yes, the world! While the Kentucky Bourbon Trail itself takes three days to complete, there are some notable highlights. Louisville is where the major names can be located, such as Jim Beam and Angel’s Envy. A sit-down experience can be had at the Silver Dollar, where cornbread pancakes and julep cups are the favorites.

Outside of Louisville and not listed on the Bourbon Trail is the Buffalo Trace Distillery, famous for its Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey as well as the Eagle Rare brand. Many of the distilleries along the trail have their own cafes and restaurants which serve bourbon-laced desserts.

4. Texas

While Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth each could have their own respectful place on this list, the focus will be on the Texas Hill Country. West of Austin and north of San Antonio, the heart of Texas Hill Country is Fredericksburg, a little down-to-earth city brimming with smiles and home-cooked meals. A mix between southern and German roots, Fredericksburg is home to Rathskeller, a basement restaurant serving up serious Deutsch favorites. Enjoy some bratwurst or perhaps a delicious serving of jaeger schnitzel, a breaded veal cutlet smothered with mushroom gravy.

Texas Hill Country is also known for their fabulous wineries. Tastings are offered daily at a wide variety of wineries, but the best bang for your buck can be located at Grape Creek Vineyards. Enjoy your wine tasting before savoring light charcuterie outside on the patio.

These are only a sample of the many road trips that are patiently waiting to be had this fall. Head out and hit the road!