We’re #blessed here at Bowdoin to have one of the best dining halls in the country, but when you just can’t do pulled pork and fried chicken night, or the jerk chicken and three cheese quesadilla night, Little Tokyo is never ever a bad option. It’s always nice to have a little escape, get off campus, and have an alternative besides Domino’s. Make that reservation, reserve that back room, and if you’re a regular at Little Tokyo, you know that there are some classics that you have to order.

1. Volcano Bowls

little tokyo

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Where to begin…There is nothing like a volcano bowl from Little Tokyo. Who knows what actually goes into it? All you need to know is that it’s fruity, not Pinnacle, and comes in a large quantity. You know you’re getting into trouble when your waiter brings out the massive flaming bowl of alcohol, almost like when parents bring a cake out at a birthday party.

little tokyo

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But blowing the flame out on a volcano bowl is so much more fun than blowing out birthday candles, as you know that you will not be leaving Little Tokyo in the same state that you entered, especially if you drink the Bacardi 151 at the center of the bowl.

#SpoonTip: Make sure to pace yourself and mix in a water.

2. Edamame or Gyoza

little tokyo

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Either are a go-to Little Tokyo appetizer, and are staples at any Asian cuisine restaurant. Both dishes are a great option, as they come quickly to your table and it’s wise to put something in your stomach before your volcano bowl arrives.

little tokyo

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Gyoza is basically the Japanese version of dumplings at a Chinese restaurant and it’s delicious. Little Tokyo has a vegetarian and a pork option and they’re equally yummy and perfect for sharing.

little tokyo

Photo by Elyse Belarge

The salt on the edamame is a great way to cut the fruitiness of the volcano bowl, but also just a yummy finger food! And it’s packed with protein.

3. Stir Fry Udon Noodles

little tokyo

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This is a Little Tokyo classic. You can have chicken, shrimp, or vegetable udon noodles, whatever works for you. The dish also comes with miso soup and a salad, so if you’re ballin’ on a budget (like most college students are) you’re good to go. The noodles themselves are cooked to perfection in a yummy sauce, and the combination of noodles, vegetables, and chicken or shrimp really work well together.