Houston is known to be one of the most diverse cities in the world. It is home to hundreds of different cultures, one of them being Vietnamese. Although I have never been to my motherland, I can pinpoint which places are the most authentic Vietnamese places in Houston, thanks to, our daily comfort food and family outings.

#1 Phở Duy

Vivian Tram

Save yourselves thousands of dollars and have a taste of Vietnam right here in Houston. If my family isn’t cooking pho themselves, we come here because it is the most authentic phở you’ll find in Houston. The broth is packed with rich flavors of beef and subtle hints of the traditional spices (star anise and cinnamon) used to make phở. They also have other classic traditional Viet dishes such as mì quảng- a yellow noodle soup topped with shrimp, pork, eggs, peanuts, rice crackers, chili, and lemon, and bò lúc lắc- a rice dish with shaken beef that is seasoned with salt, pepper, and lime. Although the place can get buys during lunch time, this restaurant offers a casual atmosphere for a nice outing. The best way to describe the overall vibe of this restaurant would be- "old Vietnam meets new Vietnam," meaning the traditional dishes blend well with the modern decor of the store. There is a reason why it was listed as one of the top ten best phở in Houston by the Houston Press, the flavors really speak for themselves. 

#2 Two Bowls Bún bò Huế

Vivian Tram

As good as phở may be, there are more amazing Viet dishes worth trying. People often give all the love to phở and forget about this amazing dish- bún bò huế. A traditional bún ò huế has spicy pork, beef, and lemon grass base with shrimp paste, annatto, beef brisket, congealed pork blood, and chả lụa (a Vietnamese pork sausage). Two Bowls is a more modern take on bún bò huế. It keeps all of the traditional flavors but lets customers have their choices for toppings on the dish. If congealed pork blood isn't your thing, you can replace it for more brisket or chả lụa. Even the interior design is far from the typical Vietnamese restaurant. The red, black and grey color scheme gives the whole place a modern feel with the traditional bún bò huế ties the whole place together for an authentic Vietnamese vibe.

#3 Phở Ngon 

Vivian Tram

If you want tasty authentic Vietnamese BBQ, then look no further. As seen in the picture, the dish can be served with choice of rice or vermicelli rice noodles. This restaurant many lack elaborate interior decoration, but the food truly speaks for itself. Who goes to a restaurant to observe wall decors anyway? The way the chefs season and cook their bbq is unlike any other place I've been before. The meat has a hint of char with splashes of sweet and salty flavors. Phở Ngon provides a Vietnam experience without the plane ticket with food that will not disappoint.