Enjoy some of Rhode Island's best restaurants around the Narragansett community. I have personally tried all these restaurants with friends and families. Coming from a New Jersey native, it has been a wonderful experience trying New England seafood. Between the seafood and the All-American food and Italian, it has been a nice way to get away from the dining hall food or making my own meals. I hope you enjoy some of my personal favorite recommendations of URI restaurants.

1. Iggy's

A seasonal favorite! You must try this at least once and I highly recommend getting a cinnamon dough boy. They are made daily and served warm to perfection. It is the perfect treat after eating some fresh seafood.

2. Coast Guard House

Although the Coast Guard House is the perfect place to go throughout the summer, it is open all year round (bless) and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean. They have a wonderful variety of food from seafood, to burgers and even pasta. You cannot go wrong with anything you choose.

3. Rhode House

The perfect meal for lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack. You must experience Rhode House at least once throughout your URI experience. They are known for their amazing cheesey calzones. My personal favorite is a nice pepperoni one. They have many options or you can even build your own!  

4. Mews

Putting up a dollar on the wall with your name on it is like marking your territory at this yummy place. This place has amazing food, and another personal favorite is their rancho nachos. The rancho nachos has seasoned pulled chicken, cheddar-jack cheese, bacon, and tomatoes, topped with house-made ranch dressing. They are also known for their gator bowls that every college student will adore. 

5. Brickely's

Homemade ice cream and waffle cones? It is a win-win already. The second you walk into this place, you will be hit with the lovely smell of waffle cones. It's practically heaven. Stop by Brickely’s after a meal at Mew’s or even for a sweet treat. Enjoy their ice cream while you can, because this sweet shop is unfortunately only open for the summer season!

6. Champlin's

Another seasonal favorite. Located on the port of Galilee, Rhode Island, you can enjoy fresh seafood in the dinning area that is in a shape of a boat. Champlin’s stuffed shrimp is a must with a good old cup of clam chowda.

7. Bike Stop

If you aren’t a big seafood lover, check out this unique restaurant. They have a variety of food, including pizza, burgers, salads and more. You have plenty of options to choose from, and you cannot go wrong with anything. The Bike Stop is also located by the Narragansett Sea Wall. You can take a nice stroll after your meal and enjoy the view of the ocean. 

8. T's

The ultimate breakfast or brunch location, located in Narragansett, Cranston or East Greenwich. The popular URI restaurant that is the perfect brunch place that has a very welcoming vibe and wonderful food. You have multiple options from the Ooey Gooey French Toast, pancakes, omelets and breakfast sandwiches. Their coffee is also delicious, with anything you choose, you cannot go wrong.

9. Del's

Whether you have tasted a free sample on the quad, or have purchased it from their stands, Del’s is something every URI student has to try. The frozen lemonade has the perfect combination of flavoring, and always has students running to the quad when there are free samples.

10. Butterfield Dining Hall

Last BUTT not least, every URI resident has to try butterfield dinning hall. From their chicken nuggets, to their ice cream machines and mozzarella sticks, every URI student is upset when it closes for the weekend. 

I hope you are now craving that yummy seafood, or a sweet treat. Check out these local restaurants! I promise you won't regret it.