The rise of food halls has reached its peak with TRADE Food Hall as one of the finest examples of a food hall done right. TRADE has a variety of options ranging from cafés to sushi bars.  As trend-setters and innovators continue to put passion behind their food creations, the concept of a food hall becomes increasingly popular. Although visitors should try all the amazing eateries at TRADE, there may be some unfortunate souls who might not have time to taste it all. With that, here are the top ten must-try foods at TRADE Food Hall

1. HiroNori Craft Ramen

HiroNori Craft Ramen serves an amazingly rich broth and perfect eggs (whether with the noodles or poached on top of a side-dish). They even have a vegan ramen option in a vegetable broth. 

2. Two Birds

Fried chicken will never go out of style, especially when restaurants, like Two Birds, keep producing their finger-licking, crispy chicken creations. Yes, fried chicken can be found anywhere, but the locally-sourced, organic, free-range Jidori chicken that Two Birds serves is quite difficult to get your hands ons. 

3. Sweet Combforts

Waffles have become one of largest trends as waffle cones, waffle "tacos," and Belgium waffles can be found everywhere on social media. While some may be skeptical of the taste of these Belgium waffle pops due to the intense mainstream popularity and their beautiful, Instagram-worthy aestheticism, Sweet Combforts really does produce tasty Belgium waffle confections that are definitely worth the visit. 

4. Ootoro Sushi

The raw fish pieces served at Ootoro Sushi are fresh, and the chefs have skills of high caliber. It's  no surprise that Ootoro Sushi has graced the lists of quality sushi/sashimi places in Southern California.

#SpoonTipSeveral sushi-enthusiasts recommend visitors do the omakase, which is the Japanese tradition of letting the chef choose your order, here.      

5. Megadon 

Megadon serves this Hawaiian classic with a large variety of bright and colorful toppings, including fruit. The combination of sweet and savory poke bowls will always be satisfying, especially when paired with  spam musubi.

6. Portside Fish Co.

Fish and chips, a classic English dish that made it big in the states. Like most seafood, when prepared with love, it can be almost magical; experience this magic with the fish and chips at Portside Fish Co. Lightly battered and served on a bed of fries with a variety of sauces, the fish and chips are fried to perfection for an impressive experience.

7.  Dos Chinos

Produced by proud Santa Ana locals, Dos Chinos serves captivating Mexican-Asian-fusion street food. This is a place to go for a genuine taste of the local flavor of Southern California. The food is authentic to its roots, yet also a stellar example of cultural unity through modern cuisine. The tacos are an outstanding example of what Dos Chinos represents. 

8. ButterLeaf

Vegans and vegetarians rejoice! ButterLeaf makes everyone happy with its meatless, yet superb quality food. The rich bean patty and delectable sauces make the burger worth giving a go, even for people who are not vegans or vegetarians.

9. Pig Pen Delicacy

Comfort food is awesome, and so is Pig Pen Delicacy for spreading the joys and wonders of it. Get the crispy tater tots and really, any of the burgers. They won't let your cravings or  food photo aesthetic down.

10. KRISP Fresh Living

KRISP Fresh Living has some of the richest dark roast coffee options and impressive list of latte varieties. The blueberry matcha latte, made with Grade A match powder, and vegan brownie, thats rich, chocolaty, and dense,  is a desirable combination.

11. Center Hub

Center Hub's service is top-notch and the atmosphere is casual and friendly. Their cocktails have received high praise from many, but the crowd at this bar is nowhere near pretentious. Enjoy a nice drink with ease, especially during Center Hub's happy hours: Monday - Friday 3 pm - 6 pm and Saturday & Sunday 11 am - 2 pm.