The Jersey Shore has been identified as a place of tanning, not pumping gas, and fist pumping down in Seaside Heights. However, a 45 minute trip south will transform the same shore into a location for all foodies alike-Long Beach Island.

As a proper New Jersey resident, Long Beach Island aka LBI is just like a second home for myself. And after fifteen years of summers spent in heaven, the food scene still proves to be better with each visit. Through all these years, nine restaurants located on the 18 miles that is LBI have captured the hearts of many time and time again. 

Chicken or The Egg 

Chicken or the Egg, widely known as "Chegg" is one of the most popular restaurants on the island. With everything from amazing egg plates with pancakes to their world class chicken wings. They are best known for their wings with Ludicrous sauce that actually requires you to sign a waver to order, which was featured on Man vs. Food. 


This diner like spot is the home of the early morning breakfast with the family. With being less of a tourist location, regulars will be found at their favorite tables, as it is open year round. Newly redone, Scojo's is a must go for those mornings when pancakes are all you want. 

#SpoonTip: Order the stuffed french toast and hash-browns for mornings that your mind needs to be blown.

Ferrara's Island Bakery 

When turning right off the causeway, you'll be hard pressed to miss a sign which states "Best Jelly Donuts on the Planet". Inside of this little bakery that holds a large claim of the universe's best jelly donuts, crumb cakes, elephant ears, and breakfast sandwiches. And to top it off, if you come later in the day the ice cream section opens and donut sandwiches can't be beat. 

Country Kettle Chowder

Chowder is a meal that needs to be done properly in order to taste good. Thankfully, Country Kettle pumps out New England Clam Chowder, Manhattan Clam Chowder, and Lobster Bisque like it's their job (well it is but). Not only can you buy the best soup on the island, but you can also buy it in a beautiful bread bowl. 


Although trips to LBI seem to always become a carb haze, newly opened Playabowls allows for each and every visitor to finally intake the correct amount of fruits and some greens through their juice bowls and smoothies. Following their established name found throughout Jersey, Playabowls LBI entails everything beach goers should add to their vacay diet. 

Beach Haven Fishery 

When a fish hankering kicks in and you know you want restaurant quality meals that are quickly made for your whole family, Beach Haven Fishery is the place to hit. From beyond fresh white fish displayed through their stuffed sole and their handcrafted crab cakes that are destined to be loved by all, this fishery is worth the drive from Surf City and even Harvey Cedars to visit. 


Buckalew's is known by every yearly visiter for having worth while dishes and a beautiful ambiance. From a beach town pub vibe into an amazing floral sun room, every foodie photographer will be able to capture the perfect moment with an even more perfect, fine dining dish. 

Pinky Shrimp's Seafood Market 

An all time favorite, Pinky Shrimp's Seafood Market is not only great to buy high quality, low priced shrimp and seafood by the pound, but beautiful steamers, stuffed soul, coconut shrimp and anything else you could think to order. Not one trip can come and go without a visit to this LBI classic that has been standing for years and years. 

#Spoontip: Order the coconut shrimp entree with coleslaw and fries to be transported back to childhood.

Black Whale Bar and Fish House

For a fancy and classy dinner option, the Black Whale is where to make reservations. From the moment of arrival to when you have cleaned your plate of pure goodness, smiles will be found on each and every person's face in or around the restaurant.

Although the island of food loved by everyone can become overwhelming, these top nine spots are destined to give you a good bite from breakfast to lunch to dinner while being low key to super fancy.