If I had to describe Washington DC in three words, I'd say "nation's capital and brunch." That might be four words, but you get the point. 

Founded by Brianna Keefe, Toastique is a mecca for passionate and healthy foodies. Brianna knows the importance of quick, wholesome meals to keep her on the go throughout her busy day. She expanded your basic avocado toast recipe into something beautiful.

Because Brianna believes "we eat with our eyes first," she opened up this amazing restaurant to craft healthy, pretty, and delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy. And enjoy you will. 

Maggie Fischler


Toastique is located at the District Wharf, so not only will you be able to grab a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or late snack here, you can also enjoy the novelties of one of the newest DC attractions.

The Wharf is a hub of millennial activities, including trendy food spots, a new concert venue called The Anthem, gym classes, apartment buildings, and workspaces. The most unique aspect of this new area is that it's right on the Potomac River. Not only does it have great waterfront views, it also has an abundance of water-related activities. You can explore the river by kayak, paddle board, water-taxi, or cruise, or stay on land by visiting the docks or heading to the Capital Yacht Club.

Although there are so many great choices at the Wharf, one of the best thing to do is to stop by Toastique.


Maggie Fischler

Walking into Toastique is like walking into an Instagram foodie's paradise. The aesthetic is colorful, clean and natural. The walls scream, "I'm ready to be featured on your Insta-story." The tables and adorning plantlife create the perfect atmosphere for a photoshoot, but most importantly for a delicious meal. 


Maggie Fischler

The menu includes a wide range of trendy foods, including gourmet toasts, filling bowls, scrumptious smoothies, and cold-pressed juices. The food is seasonal, responsibly sourced, and made with kind ingredients. Everything here is good for you and tastes even better.  

Maggie Fischler

I tried the Avocado Smash, which is Toastique's staple toast and matches the green decorations perfectly. Hands down, this was the best avocado toast I've ever had in my life. I used to work at another toast venue, where I had avocado toast for lunch almost every day, but there's just no comparison to Toastique. 

The toast is thick and crunchy on the outside, perfectly toasted on the inside. The avocado is smashed, but chunky and super fresh. But most importantly, the toppings are pretty and even tastier than they look.

Maggie Fischler

I am definitely going to be coming back. Next time I want to try the Smoked Salmon Toast or the PB Crunch toast or maybe the 3 Cheese Italian Toast, okay actually... I'll need to come back a couple times to try every item on the menu. 

If you're not in the mood for toast, you can also enjoy a decadent smoothie or acai bowl. They range in color and flavor and if you bring all of your friends, I'm sure your Instagram stories will be beautiful. 

Maggie Fischler

You can even skip the line and pay $2 for a quick cup of coffee and get out of there ASAP. I wouldn't suggest that though because then you'd miss everything else Toastique has to offer. 

Maggie Fischler

I think the best way to spend your time at this establishment is by bringing a couple friends and enjoying some toast and juice in the aesthetically pleasing environment. The food creates a unique, glamorous twist on classic healthy pop-up shops. It's definitely worth checking out and I truly believe it will become your next favorite brunch spot in DC.