After a long week of endless busy work, my friends and I decided to brighten up our Sunday with brunch at Toast, Four Corners, and I was pleasantly surprised.

When I hear brunch, I think of rich people enjoying very small breakfast meals at noon.

I didn't grow up eating brunch, so when I was invited to have brunch, I was thinking, "I'm going to get very little food for a whole lot of money."

Toast, Four Corners, however, changed my perspective on brunch completely.


Cara Waterman

The restaurant, as of right now, only serves breakfast and lunch, and only breakfast on Sundays

We had arrived around noon. The place was packed, but the energy inside felt warm.

Despite all the people, we only have to wait about 20 minutes. The waiting room was pretty small and cramped, but many people waited outside, because it was such a nice day.

I was actually afraid of going outside, because I didn't want to have to come in every few minutes to check if we had been called, but that wasn't the case.

Servers would go outside and call people's name knowing they were out there. I just loved this, because it really showed they were attentive and cared.

Cara Waterman

This kind of attention was true since the moment we sat at our seat. No matter who we asked for extra juice or syrup, they would happily attend us.

At one point we needed help reading the check for a specific item, and one server literally stopped eating her lunch to come and help us. She was so sweet! 

The location is covered with cute knick knacks here and there like old wooden toys on shelves, wind chimes, and a chalkboard menu. 

All these decorations and kind servers made Toast, Four Corners feel less like a restaurant and more like a home filled with the smell of Sunday morning eggs and bacon.


Cara Waterman

Since this was my first time there, I wasn't sure what I wanted. I asked my friends who had been there multiple times.

They suggested the iconic Toast, Four Corners original (owner John Reuber's favorite creation): The Pile.

According to the menu, The Pile is the restaurant's take on the "classic breakfast casserole." 

It holds a generous amount of home fries with two eggs cooked to your liking all topped with a layer of melted cheese that makes the entire meal a pile of breakfast goodness.

It also comes with two large home baked toasts that allow for you to pause and thoroughly enjoy the meal and fully experience the Pile.

I was genuinely surprised because of not only how much there was on my plate, but of the taste that made me think of home.

My scrambled eggs adorned with stringy cheese made my mouth water for more.

Cara Waterman

With a touch of salt and pepper, my taste buds jumped to life with excitement. I even added turkey bacon to my order that added even more to my experience.

I covered my toast with their homemade berry jam that added that touch of needed sweetness to the slightly salty plate.

Although there was plenty there to eat, and I was certainly satisfied, I have to admit I was left wanting more.

I also was very happy at the price, because I only spent around $10 for this meal and some orange juice. With that said, the place is still a bit expensive.

I say this because my friend ordered extra syrup, extra coffee and extra juice that really increased the price on his receipt.

However, they were very accommodating. They made it very easy for us to pay individually for our own meals.


Cara Waterman

Reading on the history of the place made me fall in love even more. It's essentially the story of a guy's dream come true.

John Reuber, the owner, spent 20 years in the Insurance Industry, but after his time there, decided to focus on his passion for food on the table.

Though it may be obvious from what Toast, Four Corners offers, his favorite two meals are breakfast and lunch, making his restaurant a humble hub for brunch-lovers, especially for UConn students in Storrs who are nearby.

Despite his love for Florida State football, John Reuber pays tribute to UConn with "The Husky Room" seeing as he's in our Husky territory, and the rest of his family are Husky fans.

"The Husky Room" is filled with Husky memorabilia, and just adds another touch to the homey feel of the entire place for the Husky part of a UConn student's heart.


Cara Waterman

Toast, Four Corners has an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with a total of 106 reviews on their Facebook page.

I can certainly see why. Their location gave off a warm environment. Their food was unforgettable and made me want more. Their tribute to UConn just made me feel at home.

I would also give this restaurant a 5 out of 5 rating for a great first impression and for their success in making me wanting to come back to try more.

For my fellow huskies looking for a new place to have brunch, bring your friends and enjoy your Sunday morning at Toast, Four Corners.