Whether they’re tearing up the court or hitting the books, bonafide basketballers Tre Demps and Karly Roser have unparalleled appetites. These two have more in common than the ability to snag a rebound or sink a layup: a substantial sweet tooth that helps keep these players at the top of their game.

Tre Demps

Position: Guard
Height: 6’2’’
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Average points per game: 7.4*

Daily caloric intake: 5,000
Favorite food: Mongolian stir fry
Best home cooked meal: Grandma’s shrimp fried rice
Favorite food to cook: Chicken fingers
Typical breakfast: Bagel
Typical lunch: Sandwich or wrap, the less vegetables the better
Typical dinner: Pasta and protein
Guilty pleasure: Gummy worms, gummy bears and Twizzlers

Karly Roser

Position: Guard
Height: 5’10’’
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Average points per game: 9.4*

Daily caloric intake: 3,500
Favorite food: Nutella or bread
Best home cooked meal: Mom’s breaded veal, mashed potatoes and apple crisp
Favorite food to cook: Pancakes on the weekend
Typical breakfast: Egg sandwich or omelet; toast with peanut butter or jam
Typical lunch: Big sandwich with salad and fruit
Typical dinner: Pasta, protein, salad and yogurt for dessert
Guilty pleasure: Chips and salsa